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We Are Now Scheduling All Surgical And Non-Invasive Procedures Which Utilize The Mandated COVID-19 Safety Practices. You Will Notice The Following Safeguards At Our Clinic:

  • Social Distancing measures employed
  • Masks required for patients
  • Continual disinfection of high touch areas and clinical spaces
  • Temperatures taken at the door for all employees and patients
  • Staff wearing the mandated Personal Protective Equipment
  • Limiting the number of patients being scheduled
  • COVID Testing Of All Surgical Staff


Please Help Us to Maintain a Safe Environment:

  • Stay Home if You are Feeling Sick
  • Wear a Face Mask
  • Be Prompt
  • Ring our Doorbell upon Arrival, and Wait for a Staff Member to Meet You at the Door
  • Remain 6 Feet from Other Patients
  • Bring only 1 Person to Accompany You if You are Scheduled for Surgery
  • For Non-Surgical Patients, Come Alone

Our Dedication in Service will Never Change as We Strive to Bring You

Excellence in Our Care!