We Invite You to Experience Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs for Your Journey to Beauty.

Palm Springs is known for its beautiful weather, peaceful surroundings, exclusive accommodations, restaurants, and shopping. There is no better place to undergo a cosmetic procedure when you live in another city, state, or country. You are invited!

Dr. Sofonio

Dr. Sofonio: Leading Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Serving Palm Springs

Dr. Sofonio is well known for his expertise and skill in providing beautiful and natural results for all his patients. When considering a cosmetic procedure, you have many options, but if you can combine your desire for the best care with a location like no other, it is easy. Palm Springs has everything you need to ensure that you are in good hands medically while in a part of the country with beautiful weather and amenities to make your recovery a pleasant experience.

Dr. Sofonio

Will I Be Able to Travel Home Safely?

Returning home too soon after surgery is not advised. Depending on your cosmetic procedure, getting up and moving around after surgery is always advised. Whether you are driving home or flying long distances, there may be limitations on your activities. Dr. Sofonio will discuss your travel details with you during your initial consultation to ensure your health and safety.

How About Follow-Up Appointments?

Dr. Sofonio offers the highest level of follow-up care. Consider the type of cosmetic procedure you will have and its recovery time. Will you need to stay in Palm Springs for an extended visit? Dr. Sofonio will discuss your options, and any follow-up appointments needed. It might be decided that you will need a family member or friend to stay with you while you recuperate in case you need any support during those first 24 hours.

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