Laser hair removal is a medical procedure using a concentrated laser light beam to remove unwanted hair.

While laser hair removal effectively delays hair growth for long periods of time, several treatments are necessary for initial hair removal.  You may also request maintenance treatments throughout the years.

Dr. Sofonio has equipped his Rancho Mirage clinic with world-class aesthetic systems and offers an array of the world’s finest injectables, skin tightening and resurfacing treatments, lip enhancements, and skin rejuvenation. His clinic proudly provides laser hair removal using the Candela GentleMax Pro laser system.

What does laser hair removal do?

During laser hair removal, a laser emits light absorbed by the pigment in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat energy, which damages the hair follicles that produce hairs. This heat damage inhibits or delays future hair growth.

Common laser hair removal sites include:

  • Legs
  • Armpits
  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • The bikini line. 

However, it's possible to treat unwanted hair in nearly any area. In the past, laser hair removal was most effective for light skin and dark hair because hair color and skin type influenced the success of laser hair removal. The basic principle was that the pigment of the hair, but not the pigment of the skin, should absorb the light. However, technological advancements have made it so laser hair removal can be used successfully on all skin types and tones.

Why is Candela GentleMax Pro
the best laser hair removal system?

Because Dr. Sofonio is dedicated to providing you with only the best and most effective aesthetic solutions, he proudly offers the Candela GentleMax Pro laser hair removal system.

The Candela Gentle Pro series is the gold standard in laser hair removal and has been trusted by professionals for over twenty years to treat patients of all skin types and tones successfully. As the world leader in laser hair removal, this state-of-the-art technology is gentle but powerful. It uses a unique skin cooling system for fast and comfortable laser hair removal treatment. The Candela GentleMax Pro is the best choice for permanent hair reduction anywhere on the body.

What are GentleMax Pro treatment sessions like?

GentleMax Pro lasers are powerful, cutting-edge devices that deliver permanent hair reduction quickly and efficiently. Gentle Pro lasers selectively target the hair follicle with intense pulses of laser energy for thermal destruction without damaging the surrounding tissue. The patented Dynamic Cooling Device cooling system provides epidermal protection by spraying the skin before each laser pulse with a liquid coolant. This cooling system is also adjustable to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

The duration of each session varies based on patient needs and treatment site, but on average last twenty minutes. Because hair grows in stages, multiple treatments are required to ensure every strand is targeted.

Laser hair removal treatments are commonly described as similar to having an elastic band snapped against the skin. The GentleMax Pro cooling system will do its part to reduce discomfort.

After treatment, you may apply a cool compress or gel pack. Any redness or swelling after treatment should resolve within a couple of hours. You may resume normal activities after each session, but you should avoid sun exposure or abrasive skin cleansers on the treated skin for a few days.

Dr. Sofonio
Dr. Sofonio

Why choose Dr. Sofonio for laser hair removal?

Dr. Mark Sofonio has dedicated his professional life to advancing the art of plastic surgery and is known for achieving refreshed, natural-looking results. When you choose Dr. Sofonio for laser hair removal, you choose a surgeon and a practice committed to giving you the best care. This commitment involves providing only the most dedicated care team.

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