Epicuren offers a wide array of skincare products, such as cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and serums. Each product is designed with care to ensure that a multitude of issues can be treated properly. Overall, Epicuren is a brand that is dedicated to helping people achieve the healthy, vibrant skin they have always dreamed of.

Epicuren Products

Epicuren offers a wide selection of products that can help patients with different skin types and concerns. All of their products are made without any harsh chemicals. Below we'll go into more detail into their skincare, bodycare, and makeup products, as well as their ingredients.

Skincare Products

Epicuren's skincare line consists of various products, including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, and masks. These products are specially formulated to address different skin concerns, including acne, aging, dryness, and sensitivity. Some of their most popular products include:

Epicuren Protein Mist Enzyme Toner

  • A hydrating toner that balances the skin's pH level for improved absorption of other products. 

Epicuren Colostrum Luminous Glow Cream

  • A moisturizer infused with the ingredient colostrum, a substance rich in growth factors that can improve the skin's texture and vibrance.

Epicuren Acidophilus Probiotic Facial Cream

  • A carefully-designed moisturizer containing probiotics and prebiotics that can improve the skin’s microbiome. 

Bodycare Products

Epicuren also carries a body care line including shower gels, body lotions, and scrubs. These products are specially formulated to replenish and hydrate the skin while providing a relaxing experience. Some of these products include:

Epicuren Himalayan Salt Scrub

An exfoliating scrub made with pink Himalayan salt and gentle oils for softer skin. 

Epicuren Brazilian Propolis Body Wash

A foaming body wash infused with propolis, an antibacterial that is designed to reduce breakouts and treat irritated skin. 

Epicuren Coconut Hydrating Milk

A lightweight lotion formulated with coconut oil and shea butter for skin hydration. 

Makeup Products

Epicuren's makeup line includes foundations, concealers, blushes, and lipsticks. Their products are made with natural ingredients and are free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Some of their popular makeup products include:

Epicuren Liquid Mineral Foundation 

Foundation that provides coverage and evens out skin tone using mineral pigments. 

Epicuren Concealer

A smooth concealer that is designed to reduce dark circles and blemishes while rehydrating the skin. 

Epicuren Lip Gloss

A non-sticky lip gloss rich in natural oils for full protection of the lips. 

Key and Organic Product Ingredients

Epicuren uses only the highest quality ingredients in its top-class products. These ingredients vary in terms of where they are sourced from and how they work. Some of Epicuren’s key ingredients include:


A potent form of vitamin A that induces increased cell turnover while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C

An essential ingredient for any skin product, Vitamin C protects and brightens the skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid

A natural substance of the body that plumps and hydrates the skin. 


Amino acids that stimulate new collagen growth and combat skin laxity.

Beyond the key ingredients, Epicuren's products also contain natural and organic ingredients that make for enhanced skin healing. Some of these natural ingredients include:

Aloe Vera

An ingredient designed to soothe the skin. 
Green Tea

A natural antioxidant that protects the skin from any environmental stressors. 


A calming ingredient that can mitigate inflammation and redness throughout the skin. 

Jojoba Oil

A natural oil that replenishes and protects the skin. 

Overall, Epicuren's products contain a variety of high-quality ingredients that are chosen for their beneficial effects on the skin. The brand's use of natural and organic ingredients sets it apart from other skincare brands, and its commitment to using only the best ingredients ensures that its products are effective and safe for all skin types.

Dr. Sofonio

Why choose Dr. Sofonio for Epicuren Products?

From the start of his career, Dr. Mark Sofonio has been dedicated to helping his patients achieve outstanding results. He uses his abundant experience and expertise to curate treatment plans that are fine-tuned to the patient and their needs. To that end, he is constantly testing out and vetting new products to ensure that his practice is equipped with only the best materials available. 

Dr. Sofonio’s educational background is extensive, including highly regarded institutions such as U.C.L.A. Medical School, the University of Hawaii, and the Medical College of Ohio. In addition to his training and expertise, Dr. Sofonio’s high level of empathy is what makes him a great doctor. From the private consultation through the recovery 

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