The Premier Palm Springs Plastic Surgeon for Men: Dr. Mark Sofonio

You have the option to outsmart nature and enjoy a far more attractive physical presence. Dr. Mark Sofonio, our board-certified plastic surgeon, can speak with you about anti-aging and body sculpting treatments customized specifically for the male face and body.

Anti-Aging Facial Treatments for Men in Palm Springs

You do not have to accept that wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin are inevitable. Dr. Sofonio can create a more youthful look that appears entirely natural, not overdone. He has the male perspective on plastic surgery, and understands that you want to look great, but without surgery being apparent. His advanced surgical techniques allow him to subtly lift, tighten, and restore your face and neck, leaving you looking years younger, refreshed, and vital.


Older facelift techniques created a weird, unnatural, pulled appearance. Dr. Sofonio is a master of subtlety and employs an advanced surgical technique that tightens and lifts the facial muscles, not just the skin. The result looks remarkably natural and like you, just years younger.

Neck Lift

The skin on your neck may have taken a beating, showing the signs of damage from years of exposure to the sun. Saggy neck skin, excess fat, creases, and folds – none of us appreciate the signs of age. A neck lift will remove excess fat, skin, and tissue and restore sculpted definition at your jawline for a younger, more attractive look.

Dr. Sofonio

Eyelid Surgery

Your eyelids may be giving away your age, with stretched skin and a droopy, saggy look. Custom eyelid surgery performed by Dr. Sofonio will restore a refreshed, open, youthful appearance that never looks overdone.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Is your facial skin is looking worn, with sun spots, creases, lines, and an uneven tone and texture? Laser skin resurfacing for men is a technique that triggers natural skin regeneration. This treatment works to smooth lines, enhance skin resiliency, and significantly improve the quality and appearance of your facial skin.

Dr. Sofonio


When injected with precision, BOTOX smooths forehead creases, frown lines between your brows, and the wrinkles that have developed around your eyes – but in the most subtle way. When under the care of Dr. Sofonio, you can expect the anti-aging effect of BOTOX injections to appear natural and refreshed.

Body Restructuring for Men

Your physique should be an asset, and something you are proud to show off. Unfortunately, over time, your body may have lost its taut, youthful look, and you may find yourself living with a bulging abdomen or excess fat lodged on your stomach, thighs, upper chest, back, or beneath your chin. The body sculpting treatments performed by Dr. Sofonio can be life-changing, resolving physical issues that may have bothered you for years.


Excess fat is a problem that can be resolved with a custom liposuction treatment. Fatty areas at the abdomen, back, thighs, buttocks, or under the chin can be removed, leaving your body looking far more appealing and attractive – and boosting your confidence.

Tummy Tuck

The ultimate plastic surgery for the abdomen, a tummy tuck restores a firm, fit, taut abdominals. Excess skin and fat are removed, and the underlying musculature tightened. The final result is a physique that appears younger and more attractive.

Male Breast Reduction

If you are embarrassed to have fatty “man boobs,” and wear looser shirts to try to hide it, why not resolve it once and for all? Dr. Sofonio performs custom male breast reduction surgery. For some men, only liposuction is necessary, and for others, a more comprehensive surgical approach will produce the most masculine, sculpted, attractive look.

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