Dr. Sofonio both of these technologies to help restore evenly toned, youthful-looking skin with minimal discomfort or recovery time. An IPL and/or laser treatment (or "Photofacial”) is fully customized to match your skin condition and is a top performer for skin renewal on the face, neck, hands, arms, or chest.

How Does An IPL and Cuter Laser Photofacial Work?

Our state-of-the-art devices both emit intense pulses of certain light wavelengths. These treatments can be performed to target blood vessels and pigment-producing cells found beneath your skin’s surface. By converting light energy to heat, both cosmetic devices can work wonders on unwanted discolorations without damaging the surrounding skin. The number of IPL and/or Cutera Laser skin treatments will reflect your skin type and the severity of skin flaws to be addressed, with a series of four to six treatments scheduled about three to four weeks apart.

Your IPL and Cutera Laser Treatment at Sofonio Aesthetics

Our patients tell us they experience little to no discomfort undergoing an IPL / laser Photofacial and describe the sensation as a snapping feeling against the skin. Depending on your skin’s level of sensitivity, your skin may appear slightly red or puffy afterward. You should be able to resume your normal activities and skincare routine after the procedure.

Exfoliating your skin regularly and avoiding overexposure to the sun with sunscreen is essential to maintaining the beauty of your results. The desired results from IPL skin treatments are achieved at about three months, though results vary from person to person.

Skin Rejuvenation at Its Best

IPL and laser Photofacials can produce remarkable changes in your skin quality and appearance but are not recommended for everyone, and they may not be appropriate for people with darker skin tones. If you have been on an Accutane treatment or have tanned your skin, you will need to postpone your procedure. If you are interested in learning more about Cutera laser Iand IPL treatments, please contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sofonio and his laser nursing staff. During your consultation, we will determine whether you are a good candidate for an IPL skin treatment in our Rancho Mirage office.

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Lumenis IPL and Cutera LaserOur Advanced Skin Care System

Our anti-aging clinic in Rancho Mirage is equipped with the Lumenis Intense Pulsed Light system. This treatment device delivers intense pulses of non-coherent light distributed over a range of wavelengths from 515nm to 1200nm. Our Cutera laser systems produces a green 532nm laser light that is specific for sun damaged skin and vascular lesions. 

This gold standard in PhotoFacials can be used primarily for facial rejuvation or to augment the IPL’s effects. The technology utilizes specific wavelength ranges to target various chromophores in the skin. This enables effective treatment of a broad spectrum of conditions, including vascular and pigmented lesions, skin photoaging treatments, and hair removal.

What Can An IPL Photofacial and Cutera Laser Do for My Skin?

Our advanced light energy treatments can treat a range of skin conditions, including:

  • Mild degrees of sun damage or early aging changes
  • Unwanted freckles
  • Pigment changes, such as sun damage or aging skin
  • Fine lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • “Dyschromia,” rosacea, or reddened skin on the face, chest, and neck
  • Spider veins or “telangiectasia,” visible broken capillaries
  • Sun spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation issues

Your IPL and Cutera Laser treatment experience

Cutera pulsed laser and broad-spectrum Intense light are transmitted through a continuously cooled applicator, gently placed over the skin. Both devices offer a range of treatment parameters, optimizing it for different applications and skin types. The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by either the relevant chromophores and damages them (blood chromophores when treating vascular lesions and melanin chromophores when treating pigmented lesions). The body’s natural processes then clear the lesion debris, giving the skin a more evenly toned, youthful appearance.

Dr. Sofonio

Why Dr. Sofonio uses Lumenis IPL and Cutera Laser?: It is all about you.

Lumenis offers a unique IPL solution with optimal efficacy, safety, and ease of use. Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) gives users the ability to control the pulse shape.  Cutera delivers a specific 532nm wavelength of laser energy that is highly absorbed by pigmented and vascular lesions.  Both provide reproducible results as well as gentler, more comfortable treatments.

Dr. Sofonio

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