Other factors that might lead to saggy breasts in younger women include breastfeeding a baby, weight fluctuations, or the weight of large, heavy breasts. Dr. Sofonio offers breast lift surgery at his private, State of the Art Outpatient Surgery Center in Rancho Mirage.

What is a Breast Lift Like to Experience?

Before your breast lift in Palm Springs, you will undergo a comprehensive physical and medical examination to determine if the surgery is right for you. Dr. Sofonio will also ask you questions about your expectations from the surgery. Based on the outcome of his examination, he will decide on the best way to proceed with your breast lift surgery.

During the procedure, you will be under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia or. Breast lift surgery, when under the care of Dr. Sofonio, is 100 percent customized. The technique Dr. Sofonio chooses depends on the degree of sagging, your breast shape and size, position and size of the areolas, and your level of skin elasticity.

He will make an incision to allow him to reshape and lift underlying tissue to improve the shape of the breasts. Excess skin is removed to allow your breasts to be restored to a more youthful, elevated position on the chest wall. For many women, the nipple structure is repositioned on the newly reshaped breast mound. This technique adds to the beauty of the final result.

Dr. Sofonio
Dr. Sofonio

Why Choose Dr. Sofonio for Your Breast Lift?

Dr. Sofonio is a talented breast surgeon who goes above and beyond for his patients, providing a higher level of care at every phase of the journey. He has the highest level of integrity as a surgeon and as a human being. Dr. Sofonio performs custom treatments, never an assembly line approach. His focus is on helping you have a happier, more confident life. His artistry and technical skills have led to many patients being referred through word of mouth, recommended by a friend, colleague, or family member.

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Your Recovery After a Breast Lift

Every person heals at a different rate. The first few days after your surgery, you will have prescription pain medication to keep you comfortable.

Your restored breasts will be protected by dressings and a surgical bra. You may have small drain tubes for the first few days. You can expect swelling and bruising for about two weeks.

You will need to continue to wear the surgical bra continuously for the first few days, followed by wearing a support bra with no underwires. The incision lines will initially appear red and raised but will flatten and fade to a white line with time. The placement of the incisions generally makes them hidden when wearing a swimsuit, bra, or plunging neckline.

The Result:

Youthful, Lifted, Rounded Breasts.

The full impact of your Palm Springs breast lift will not be seen until the swelling has diminished, the incision marks have faded, and the sensation has returned to the areolas and nipples. Within a few weeks, swelling and bruising fades, and you will begin to enjoy your newly reshaped breasts. Imagine the difference in your self-confidence when you know your breasts look perky, lifted, and more youthful.

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