You may need to resolve an unsatisfactory result, such as uneven breasts, capsular contracture (breasts that have hardened), breast implants that are too large or too small, or a range of other health or aesthetic issues. Some women choose to undergo breast revision surgery to replace older implants or return to their natural breast sizes.

Should I Have

a Breast Revision?

If you have any of the following issues after breast augmentation surgery, you may need to undergo breast revision In Palm Desert:

  • Saline implant has deflated
  • Ruptured silicone implant
  • Implants out of position
  • Capsular contracture
  • Breast implants too large
  • Breast implants too small
  • Rippling
  • Breast implants are visible under the skin
  • Symmastia (breasts look to be a single breast, rather than two)
  • To replace older implants
  • You want to return to your natural breast size
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Why Choose Dr. Sofonio for Breast Revision Surgery?

You want your revision to resolve the issues you are experiencing and are not happy with your breast surgery. Dr. Sofonio is an extremely talented breast surgeon who is widely known for achieving superior results. Every breast revision is customized to reflect what you hope to achieve.

Dr. Sofonio is among the most compassionate and warm-hearted surgeons you will meet. The combination of his advanced surgical skills, patient-centered care, and his state-of-the-art, on-site surgical center make the journey to  abetter breast revision outcome more of a pleasure.

Breast Revision, Step By Step

Your first step is to meet with Dr. Sofonio so he can evaluate the problems you are experiencing and discuss the procedure. Your medical history will be reviewed. You may have questions or concerns, and Dr. Sofonio takes the time to ensure you understand everything about the procedure and your recovery. Your surgical date will be scheduled.

Your breast revision in Palm Springs varies, person to person. This surgery is typically performed with IV sedation or general anesthesia, and you will not experience any pain or remember the surgery.

If your implants need to be replaced and you have no other problems, the surgery generally involves placing an incision in the same location as your first augmentation, removing the implant, and placing the new implants. In cases of capsular contracture, various surgical approaches are used to remove the scar tissue causing the problem.

Breast Correction and Reconstruction

Breast revision surgery may involve reconstructing a natural-looking breast after a mastectomy, resolving tubular breasts, and other breast corrective surgeries. Dr. Sofonio is known for his skills in performing these more advanced procedures.

Dr. Sofonio

Your Recovery

After your breast correction in Palm Springs, your incisions will be covered with dressings, and you will wear a surgical bra for support during the healing process. The recovery is similar to your initial augmentation, requiring a few weeks for you to feel normal. You will be restricted from any vigorous exercise for about four to six weeks and must take all medications as prescribed.

Take gentle walks every day, and do not lift until your incisions have healed. You can return to work or other activities within about one week. You will be closely monitored during your recovery and will see Dr. Sofonio several times in follow-up appointments to ensure all is proceeding as it should.

Dr. Sofonio

Your New Breasts

You can expect some swelling after breast revision, which fades with time. Also, the incision marks may take a while to fade to be almost indiscernible. Apart from these concerns, you should see a dramatic improvement in your breasts' appearance, and with the issues you have been experiencingprior to your breast revision surgery.

Dr. Sofonio

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