A biopsy is often necessary to determine whether the skin lesion or tumor is cancerous or precancerous. The biopsy will help to determine the best course of treatment. A diagnosis of skin cancer can be frightening and a great cause of concern.  Dr. Sofonio understands that you may have worries about scarring or disfigurement and will explain what to expect, guiding you through the process to help you reach the best decision about moving forward with treatment.

Skin Lesion Removal

Many patients have skin lesions removed because they are inconvenient or uncomfortable, while others need to have them removed because they are cancerous or precancerous. Most skin tumor removal in Palm Springs can be completed on an outpatient basis in one appointment, with only local anesthesia. This will depend largely on the size and type of lesion involved. Dr. Sofonio removes skin lesions in a variety of non-invasive ways, including excisions and laser surgery.

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What Is A Skin Biopsy?

During a biopsy, Dr. Sofonio will cut out and remove a small part of your skin lesion to take a skin sample. Closer analysis of this sample by Pathology will determine whether the lesion is cancerous. Excision involves cutting out and removing the entire lesion and sometimes even the area immediately around it.

Many of these procedures take less than an hour and allow you to resume your normal activities either the same day or the day following their procedure.

Skin Tumor Removal

If your biopsy has revealed a skin cancer diagnosis, you are at higher risk of developing further skin cancers the longer you do nothing to remove your tumor or cancerous cells. Like skin lesion removal procedures, skin tumor removal procedures may be performed in various ways ranging from excisions to surgery.

Depending on your skin tumor’s size and location, sometimes a combination of treatments may be the ideal approach. If Dr. Sofonio feels your tumor cannot be safely removed using his specialized techniques, a referral to a multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists may be recommended.

However, if you do require a skin tumor procedure at our office, you can rest assured that every effort will be taken to reduce your chances of scarring or disfigurement after surgery. Please contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our skin tumor removal in Palm Springs.

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