Body Contouring Surgeries

Body contouring refers to a series of procedures aimed at streamlining your body’s proportions for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. When some people lose a lot of weight, they may be left with unflattering areas of excess, saggy skin or stubborn pockets of fat that prove resistant to exercise and diet alone. In such a case, Dr. Sofonio provides for patients body contouring in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and the Rancho Mirage area looking to achieve a more defined figure. It should be noted that body contouring procedures are not a suitable replacement for a sensible diet and exercise, which will be needed to maintain your new look after surgery.

Areas Treated by Body Contouring Procedures

Areas specifically targeted during our body contouring surgical procedures include flabby upper arms, saggy buttocks and thighs, saggy breasts, and flabby abdominal areas. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sofonio to determine if you would make a good candidate for our various procedures.

During your consultation, you’ll be asked questions about your overall health and expectations. Recommended treatment may involve a combination of various procedures to achieve the best results. If additional surgeries are required, they may be carried out in stages to give your body the proper amount of time to recover. Dr. Sofonio is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

* Please Note: Individual results may vary.

Tummy Tucks

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, removes excess areas of fat and skin from your abdominal area while tightening your abdominal muscles for a flatter, firmer tummy. Whether you have loose skin on your abdomen after a significant weight loss or you have stretched abdominal muscles due to multiple pregnancies, many patients greatly benefit from a complete or partial abdominoplasty.

A mini tummy tuck, or modified tummy tuck, makes smaller, less visible incisions and is ideal for patients who are in good physical shape and are looking to tighten their abdominal area below their belly button. Post-treatment care and recovery are usually easier after a mini tummy tuck. Depending on the degree of corrections required, a regular tummy tuck operation may take anywhere from 1-5 hours and the patient may also be required to stay overnight in the hospital.

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Liposuction is a popular body contouring in Palm Desert that uses suction to remove stubborn fat cells from specific areas of the body. Depending on your desired results, we offer limited liposuction procedures all the way to full-body liposuction procedures. Using small, thin suction tubes called cannula, liposuction also requires tiny incisions in your skin. Fat deposits are removed using a syringe or suction pump.

Liposuction is most of the time an outpatient procedure, though depending upon the amount of fat being removed, it may require an overnight hospital stay. You will be asked to refrain from strenuous activities until your wounds have healed. While this procedure permanently removes fat cells, it doesn’t prevent weight gain, so diet and exercise will be necessary to maintain your new look.

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Arm Lift

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, removes excess or sagging skin from your upper arms (also referred to as bat wings). Fluctuations in weight and aging sometimes cause your upper arms to have a drooping appearance. Dr. Sofonio performs both medical and modified arm lifts depending on your needs. Arm lifts are usually completed on an outpatient basis with about two weeks of expected downtime and recovery, though some patients may be required to stay overnight in the hospital.

Modified, or mini arm lifts, are generally recommended for mild to moderate procedures requiring smaller incisions in the armpit region only versus the typical incision made from the armpit to the elbow. Some patients may benefit from a combination of liposuction with their arm lift procedure to achieve their desired arm tone.

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Thigh Lifts

A thigh lift, or thighplasty, removes excess skin and fat deposits in your thighs to help make them more proportional with the rest of your body. The length and location of the incisions required in a thigh lift will be proportional to the amount of thigh requiring treatment, but they’re usually made around the groin and may extend all the way up to your hips. During a thigh lift, the tissue beneath your thigh is repositioned and your skin is tightened to help make your thigh slimmer and firmer.

Thigh lifts are usually completed on an outpatient basis within four hours, though some patients may be required to stay overnight in the hospital. Our office performs full-body thigh lifts and medical thigh lifts. During your consultation with Dr. Sofonio, we’ll discuss your treatment options and the amount of recovery time that will be required with each.

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Butt Lifts

A butt lift, or gluteoplasty, is a procedure used to improve your butt’s contour, size, or shape. Dr. Sofonio performs both butt augmentations and Brazilian butt lifts depending on your desired results and your body type. Butt augmentation typically involves the use of surgically placed silicone buttock implants or fat grafting (transferring fat from one area of your body to another). A Brazilian butt lift usually relies on fat grafting to increase the fullness or roundness of your butt using your own fat to improve your figure and restore your self-confidence.

A Brazilian butt lift typically takes about 5-8 hours to complete, but it’s dependent on the amount of fat being transferred and injected into your buttocks. Butt augmentation using silicone implants typically takes 2-3 hours and is performed on an outpatient basis. Liposuction procedures are sometimes recommended in conjunction with a butt lift for better body contouring in Palm Springs.

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