We deliver Juvéderm Volbella, an FDA-approved dermal filler for hydration and correction of lip lines. It uses hyaluronic acid to create definition, reduce lines, and minimize wrinkles – the ideal anti-aging injectable!

How Would You Feel About A More Attractive Smile?

For the past 15 years, Juvéderm has created FDA-approved dermal fillers to help people feel their best. Juvéderm’s Volbella is made of hyaluronic acid, a clear substance that occurs naturally in your body. It amplifies the elasticity of your skin, making it look younger, firmer, and more supple. Volbella uses hyaluronic acid specifically to treat your lips. It also contains a little bit of lidocaine, making the treatment experience more comfortable. It can be used to:

  • Soften and smooth the lines around your lips known as “smoker’s lines.”
  • Add definition to your lips.
  • Plump and smooth your lips naturally.

Create the Perfect Pout with Volbella

Every appointment at Sofonio Aesthetics is 100 percent customized. Dr. Sofonio and J. Poling PA focus on assisting you to live a happier, more confident life; they will work with you to personally achieve your aesthetic goals. Before your Volbella injection appointment, a consultation with you will ensure mutual agreement on your personal outcomes. Injection of the Volbella gel into the area is performed using a thin syringe precision, which should not take longer than 30-minutes.

Results in Just Minutes

You should see your results from your Volbella injections almost immediately, and most of our patients experience no downtime. You may have some redness; an ice pack can help soothe this. If you experience anything more than that, give us a call, and we can help you out. Some Volbella results can last up to a year but may depend on your personal aesthetic aims. We are your partners in this and will schedule follow-ups with you as we strive to help you reach them.

Custom Lip Enhancement for Lovely, Natural Results

Dr. Sofonio and associates go above and beyond for the patients, providing a higher level of care at every phase of the journey to natural lip hydration. You are in good hands when you come to Sofonio Aesthetics for your skin care and aesthetics goals and needs. Schedule your Volbella appointment today.

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