One way to restore fullness to the cheeks is a custom cheek augmentation treatment. If you lack noticeable cheekbones, you can create a more attractive facial contour with this custom procedure. Dr. Sofonio offers cheek augmentation procedures at his State of the Art Surgery Center in Rancho Mirage, CA.

A More Attractive Facial Structure

with a Custom Cheek Augmentation

Our cheek augmentation in Palm Springs is designed to enhance your facial appearance, primarily by improving the contour, size, or shape of the cheeks. Another name for the procedure is “malar augmentation.”

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Create a More Refined Facial Profile with Cheek Augmentation

There are several reasons why a person may want their cheeks augmented, including:

  • Highlight the cheekbones
  • Subtly improve the facial features
  • Fill in sunken cheeks
  • Enhance poorly defined cheeks
  • Subtly lift the facial tissues
  • Stave off the loss of cheek tissue due to aging

Is Cheek Augmentation Right for You?

As with any plastic or reconstructive surgery procedure, we will ensure that they are suitable for custom cheek augmentation surgery. You should be in good overall health and at a healthy weight to undergo surgery. We will discuss your health history and the medications you take to determine if this procedure is appropriate and safe for you. If you have any sinus or dental issues, let our surgeon know as these conditions may require treatment before the surgery.

Dr. Sofonio performs a range of aesthetic surgeries and will evaluate whether a custom cheek augmentation is right for you or if you would be better suited with a different option, such as a facelift or a brow lift. In your one-on-one consultation for cheek augmentation in Palm Springs with Dr. Sofonio, you will have your questions answered.

Is Cheek Augmentation Safe?

Fortunately for those who have safety concerns, cheek augmentations are  generally safe. While there are risks like any surgical procedure, you are in safe hands with Dr. Sofonio. His experience, knowledge, and precision approach – as well as focus on patient health and safety – have led to a reputation as being among the most talented plastic surgeons practicing in the region.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery: The Procedure

During the cheek augmentation in Palm Desert, Dr. Sofonio will restore the volume to your cheeks by making incisions to create a pocket into which he will place carefully selected cheek implants directly over your cheekbones. The duration of the entire surgery is typically 1 hour.

Recovery After Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation recovery takes around a week or so, where the cheeks can be sore, bruised, or swollen. It is best to take a week away from work to take the time to rest and heal. During the recovery phase, you may experience bruising and black eyes. It is normal to experience some mild swelling and temporary loss of sensation in your cheeks. You may also need to restrict your diet to soft food for a few days after your surgery. Dr. Sofonio will give you post-treatment care instructions to speed your recovery.

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What Are the Results?

After the initial swelling and soreness subside, you will gradually start to see the changes in your facial structure. Allow enough time for the implants to settle and integrate with your natural tissue to enjoy final results.

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