Your INTRAcel treatment is expertly customized to treat sun damaged skin, scaring, and that aged appearance or skin rejuvenation, primarily on the face.  However, other sites can be successful treated on the neck, hands, arms, or chest.

How Does an INTRAcel Treatment Work?

The Intracel procedure uses microneedles which are delivered into previously anesthetized skin in a stamp format. This leads to micro injuries of the skin, which only reaches superficial penetration, and thus avoids the disadvantages of ablative treatments. The radiofrequency waves provide heat to gently induce additional collagen production. A series of treatments will produce a glowing, renewed skin that increases its results over time. 

The number of treatments you need will reflect your skin’s appearance and specific areas of concern.  Overall, a series of four to six treatments scheduled about four weeks apart will be needed.

Your INTRAcel treatment at Sofonio Aesthetics

During the treatment, you may experience some discomfort, but every effort will be made to produce the best results in a pleasant and efficient manner. Afterwards, your skin will appear swollen, red or puffy. This can last for several days, and one should only use sensitive skin care products. However, you should be able to resume one's normal activities after 48 hours. Special post-treatment instructions will be reviewed with you and one should avoid direct sun exposure during the first week. The desired rejuvenating results from INTRAcel skin treatments are achieved at around 6 months. Results may vary from patient to patient. 

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