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VISIA® Complexion Analysis in Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs, CA

Dr. Sofonio offers VISIA® complexion analysis for patients in the Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs area wanting a customized skin rejuvenation treatment. Thanks to its advanced software, we can provide an in-depth analysis of your facial characteristics, identifying any problematic skin issues on and below the surface, including wrinkles, age spots, skin inflammations, areas of hyperpigmentation, spider veins, sun damage, and more. The VISIA® Complexion Analysis System helps Dr. Sofonio more accurately assess your skin rejuvenation needs before making treatment recommendations.

* Please Note: Individual results may vary.

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How VISIA® Complexion Analysis Benefits Dr. Sofonio’s Patients

Utilizing multi-spectral imaging and analysis, the VISIA® Complexion Analysis System examines several key areas affecting your skin complexion’s overall health and visual appearance, including wrinkles, spots, pores, skin texture, porphyrins (indicates bacteria present in your skin’s pores), and UV spots (likely caused by overexposure to the sun). Once this data has been collected, the system can compare your results with others of the same age and skin type. Once Dr. Sofonio is equipped with this information, he can then make treatment recommendations tailored to you.

What to Expect During Your VISIA® Complexion Analysis Consult

Because the VISIA® Complexion Analysis System can scan information quickly, consultations are thorough but won’t take up a lot of your time. Because the analysis system uses UV photography with wavelengths of intense flashes at times, patients will be asked to close their eyes during parts of the procedure for their safety. Certain factors, including the time of day, glare areas due to oily skin, and the condition of your skin (clean skin vs. fresh make-up vs. old make-up), may affect your analysis results. Images may be captured under different skin conditions from session to session, and this is perfectly okay. The system makes detailed notes each time to build a database for every patient.

Get Customized Skin Rejuvenation Treatment – Contact Us Today

Your skin is made up of a unique combination of traits affecting your complexion and health. Wouldn’t you like to receive customized skin rejuvenation treatment and information regarding the best skin care options so that you can present your best face to the world? Contact Dr. Sofonio to request a consultation to go over all of the benefits of VISIA® complexion analysis in our Rancho Mirage office.

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