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Thigh Lift in the Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs Area

The thigh lift is a cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of excess skin and fat deposits to reshape the thighs to make them more proportional to the shape of the body. This procedure is the most recommended option when no amount of diet and exercise can reduce the fat around the inner thighs. Liposuction is not usually recommended because of the weak skin on the thighs. A thigh lift is offered by Dr. Sofonio to residents of Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs, CA, who want to enhance the shape of their thighs.

close up of woman's thigh

Thigh Lift Procedure

During the consultation with Dr. Sofonio, the procedure, treatment options, and recovery time will be discussed, and the patient should inform Dr. Sofonio of his or her expected results to help him develop an appropriate treatment plan. General anesthesia is commonly used in this procedure, but the choice to undergo intravenous sedation is also offered.

The length and location of the incisions are based on the area of the thigh that needs treatment, but usually, they are made around the groin and may extend to the hips. To make the thighs proportional to the body, the tissue beneath is repositioned, and the skin is reduced and tightened.

The incisions will be closed using deep-support sutures, and the entire procedure will be completed on an outpatient basis in about four hours. However, when large amounts of fat and skin are removed, the patient may be required to stay overnight in the hospital.

Thigh Lift Post-Treatment Care

To prevent infection and promote healing of the wounds, patients are advised to follow the wound care instructions given by Dr. Sofonio. Swelling and bruising may occur, but these can be minimized by wearing a compression garment for several weeks. Strenuous activities should likewise be avoided while the healing is in progress.

Thigh Lift Results

The results from the thigh lift will be readily visible after the treatment, but the improvements in body contour will become more noticeable when the swelling and bruising have disappeared. After the thigh lift, the thighs will become slimmer, and the skin will be firmer.

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