Breast Augmentation in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is famous for its sunny weather, so it is normal for people to wear fewer items of clothing compared to other states. It is thus not a surprise that the city is also known for a thriving plastic surgery industry, and one of the most popular procedures is breast augmentation.

If you are wondering whether getting breast augmentation in Palm Springs is a good idea, you need to be sure about the reasons why you need the procedure. There are many valid reasons, such as:


You Want to Have Larger Breasts

Sometimes it’s as simple as wanting bigger breasts. Different women will have different preferences when it comes to their bodies. Nobody should have to tell a woman what body she should be content with. If she feels like her breasts are not big enough, it’s her choice to get bigger ones. And the most efficient way to get those is through breast augmentation.


Addressing Breast Cancer

Breast surgery procedures are not exclusive to cosmetics. They can also help people affected by breast cancer. In most cases, women who have undergone breast cancer surgery will want breast reconstruction surgery. But sometimes it can be about prevention. Women with a family history of breast cancer can opt for a mastectomy. This is the removal of one or both breasts.


Correcting the Shape

There are various ways that a woman’s breasts can get deformed. For instance, weight loss will cause the size and shape of a woman’s breasts to change. The same applies to pregnancy. A woman can elect to get a breast augmentation surgery to get back the lost shape. There are also times when a woman is born with lopsided breasts. If she feels awkward with them, breast augmentation or reconstruction will keep the breasts at least semi-asymmetrical.

There are other reasons to get a mammoplasty, but there is also one important consideration before you go through with it:


Getting the Best Surgeon

In many things, the cost is usually the priority. But when it comes to surgery, your priority should be getting the best surgeon. Cost should be secondary. This is because the surgeon will be the main factor in the success of the surgery, and trying to focus on the cheapest non-credible surgeon could even be harmful.

Instead, you need to get experienced, and certified surgeon such as Dr. Sofonio. Surgeons like him are already known in the industry due to their years of practice and the number of clients they have helped. Contact us today so we can give you a free consultation for breast augmentation in Palm Springs and help you address your concerns about the procedure.