Society has progressed to the point where it is no longer taboo for women to resort to surgery. If they want to enhance their looks, they are free to do so and surgery is usually the fastest and most efficient way. One of the most common procedures for women is mammoplasty or breast augmentation. The benefits of this procedure are that it allows women to gain the type of body they want, exactly to the proportions they desire.

breast augmentation

With popular opinion no longer a hindrance, the only stumbling block for women who wish to undergo the procedure is breast augmentation cost. It seems that many women believe that the procedure is prohibitively expensive, and meant only for those who are wealthy enough that no amount of money is a concern.

It is true that breast augmentation procedures are not cheap – the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has stated that the median cost of breast augmentation surgery in 2016 averages to $3,719. But this does not take into account the fact that costs can still vary depending on the procedure done, on who is doing the procedure, and other factors.

The most common factors that make up the cost of a breast augmentation surgery include:

Plastic Surgeon’s Fees – the training and skill of the plastic surgeon that will perform the procedure will be an important factor in the cost, and for good reason, as it is the single biggest factor that will influence the success of your procedure. In this case, you should avoid trying to go cheap, because the best surgeons do command higher rates for good reason. They are usually board-certified and have had years of extensive training and practice. Do not sacrifice your safety just to save on a few hundred bucks. Dr Sofonio, for instance, may command higher rates than the average surgeon but that’s because he has decades of experience, is certified by different boards (including the American Board of Plastic Surgery), and has performed the procedure successfully countless of times on satisfied clients.

Type of Procedure – the cost of mammaplasty will also be affected by the type of surgery, as there are numerous methods for breast augmentation. Some will be easier and less time consuming but may cost more while some will take longer and generally require longer recovery periods but will be more affordable. The cost of anesthesia will also be a factor in this regard: general anesthesia is more costly but it puts you to sleep and you will definitely not feel anything, whereas local anesthetic is cheaper but you are only sedated and will still be awake throughout the process. The former is recommended for people who are queasy. To get the best option, you need to talk closely with your surgeon.

Payment Types – the type of payment plan you will use will also affect the cost. Many surgical practices are willing to provide lower rates under certain conditions or will accept an installment-basis at the cost of a slightly higher premium. Additionally, it is worth noting that breast augmentation is a purely cosmetic procedure, and thus not usually covered by insurance.

With all of the above information, it should be easy for you to decide on whether breast augmentation surgery is really something you want to do. If you are looking for a good rancho mirage surgery center, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll see what kind of help we can give you.