Scar repair is a very important service provided by plastic surgeons. This is because scars are very unpredictable. They can develop either through accidents or as a byproduct of other afflictions such as acne breakouts. Their shape and size are also equally unpredictable, since they will ultimately depend on how the body heals. Some scars are also the result of surgery, and will depend largely on the skill of the surgeon.

No scar can be removed completely through natural means or medication. Plastic surgeons are usually the only option for people who want to make a scar less obvious or completely unnoticeable. There are many procedures available, but there are two of most commonly suggested ways to address scars via plastic surgery, such as:

scar repairScar Repair Through Injections

Scar repair for types that stick out like hypertrophic scars or keloids can come in the form of injections. These include collagen or other fillers that can temporarily fill in the pits that form under the scar, which is effective in making the scarring less noticeable. Steroid injections are also sometimes used, because they have the ability to decrease collagen synthesis and minimize the inflamattory phase of wound healing.

Scar Repair Through Surgery

Fortunately, surgery offers a number of permanent scar repair options, such as:

  • skin grafts
  • dermabrasion
  • excision
  • laser surgery

Plastic surgery is the most effective and permanent scar repair method, but it also requires a lot of commitment from the individual. The decision to undergo plastic surgery is an important one. This is why Dr. Sofonio conducts a series of preparatory analysis on the individual, ranging from an analysis of the skin to an assessment of the person’s health and pre-existing health conditions. Only then can Dr. Sofonio recommend the exact procedure. This is important, because it puts the patient’s needs and well-being first. This patient-centric approach to surgery is the reason why Dr. Sofonio is the leading name in surgery within the desert community.

Scar Repair Results and Expectation

An individual undergoing scar repair surgery should keep in mind that there is no scar repair that will completely restore their appearance to how they look before the scarring. It helps to temper expectations and to accept that scar repair’s purpose is to make the deepest and biggest of scars less noticeable. Either way, the goal is to see a marked improvement in the appearance and to let a person regain a sense of normalcy.

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