Scar Repair in Rancho Mirage, CA

When the skin heals after an injury, scar tissue may form. Factors that affect the size of the scar tissue include the size and depth of the wound, the age of the individual, skin characteristics, location of the wound and skin pigmentation. Scars may have a different color from surrounding skin, bulge out from the skin, or form an indentation in the skin. Scar repair, or scar revision, is a procedure to reduce visible scars that remain after a wound has healed. Dr. Sofonio, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, performs scar revisions on the residents Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, CA.

Scar Repair Procedure

When you come in for a one-on-one consultation, Dr. Sofonio will conduct a thorough analysis of your skin and other related factors, including your general health status and pre-existing health conditions. The severity of the scarring will determine the exact procedure he will recommend. Some of the options include the use of injectable treatments to fill out concave scars, topical treatments such as gels, and external compression or tapes to treat existing surface scars. Other options include dermabrasion, chemical peel, laser treatment, and skin bleaching agents. Deeper, or more extensive scars, may require Ventolin 100 mcg.

Scar Repair Post-Treatment Care

Some of the effects of a surgical scar repair procedure, or other procedures such as dermabrasion and chemical peels, may include swelling, discoloration and discomfort. The healing process may take several weeks as the scar gradually refines and fades.

Scar Repair Results

You must have realistic expectations from a scar repair procedure. Although scar repair aims to minimize and improve the appearance of scars so that they are less conspicuous, scars, especially extensive ones, cannot be totally removed. Generally, you should see a marked improvement in the appearance of treated scars.

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