People nowadays are no longer concerned with the stigma that once made people ashamed of getting a plastic surgery. It is widely accepted that people have a right to attain the look that makes them feel good about themselves, even if they have to rely on cosmetic surgery.

But there is no single plastic surgery procedure that will address everybody’s concerns. Different people require different procedures in order to address perceived flaws in their body. So CBS News has done a study that reveals the most popular types of cosmetic procedures done today, which includes:


More commonly known as Breast Augmentation, mammoplasty is impressively the number one procedure, with almost 300,000 procedures done in 2010 alone. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that it’s only done on women.


Rhinoplasty, or more commonly known as nose reshaping, clocks in at second place with more than 250,000 operations done in 2010. The popularity of rhinoplasty is not surprising, since the procedure can benefit both men and women. Additionally, the nose being located in the center of the face means that having a beautiful or attractive nose will go a long way in making a person look pleasing.


Eyelid surgery is also a popular procedure, garnering 200,000 operations in the year 2010. The main purpose of this procedure is to improve a person’s eyes by eliminating droopy and/or fatty eyelids. This can also do great wonders in making a person look like a different ethnicity, and is very popular for people who want to look like their favorite celebrities.


Liposuction is right up there with blepharoplasty with more than 200,000 operations done in 2010. This is particularly useful for people who wish to get rid of excess fat deposits on their body, particularly in the abdomen region. While not a replacement for good old fashioned core workout and diet, liposuction can help speed up the journey towards a flat stomach. In many men, liposuction is also being used to address problems with gynecomastia. This is particularly important because gynecomastia-caused manboobs cannot be removed through exercise or diet.


Otherwise known as tummy tucks, this procedure garnered over 116,000 procedures in 2010. This is particularly targeted towards people who have problems with beerguts, lovehandles, or just plain excess fat in the stomach. It focuses on reshaping and tightening the belly.


This is a cosmetic surgery done on the breast, called breast lifts, that differs from mammaplasty because just enhances the breast area as opposed to enlarging. It involves removing excess skin and breast tissue, as well as reshaping the breasts in order to improve firmness.


This is another procedure that was very popular, with more than 70,000 procedures done in 2010. It involves the elimination of facial lines and scars, and is well suited for people who want a younger, smoother-looking face. It is also very useful for people who were scarred by accidents.

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