Plastic surgery for men is no longer seen as taboo. Our society is now aware of the fact that physical appearance can be an advantage regardless of sex or gender, so men have as much right to a plastic surgery procedure as other genders. But what exactly are the procedures that are very popular among men?

Plastic Surgery for the Nose: Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty helps men improve their appearance by changing the size and shape of their nose, while removing imperfections such as

  • bumps
  • depressions
  • scars
  • indentations

A nose job is also popular among men not just for cosmetic procedures. Many men suffer from broken noses or breathing problems because of their line of work or because of accidents and altercations. In these cases, a rhinoplasty is the perfect solution.

Plastic Surgery for the Chin: Mentoplasty

It is proven in studies that the chin plays a huge part in how strong or imposing a man looks. Men with recessed or small chins can choose to undergo mentoplasty, otherwise known as chin augmentation, to enhance or reshape their chin area.


plastic surgery for menLiposuction is a plastic surgery procedure that involves removing excess fat deposits and creating new body contours. This is a very popular procedure because not only will it improve the look of a person, it can also help address health problems. Excess fat deposits in the waist area is particularly dangerous for men, as it puts a lot of stress on their internal organs and can increase the risk of developing diabetes, back problems, and various stomach and kidney-related diseases. And since men as they get older start to struggle losing weight naturally, a liposuction can help give them a kickstart to regaining their fitness. In this sense, a liposuction may end up saving a life.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is another procedure that is high on the list of men. Middle aged men start to struggle with hair loss or male pattern baldness. In fact, 2017 statistics posit that more than 50 million men in the US alone suffer from hair loss. A hair transplant procedure is popular among men because of its success rate, compared to various prescription drugs, shampoos, creams, and herbal products which are always a gamble.

Plastic Surgery for Men in Palm Springs, CA

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