Finding a good Palm Desert dermatology clinic is key if you live in the desert city, and want your skin to remain fresh and lively. The climate in Palm Desert can be brutal on your skin, for a number of reasons:

  • Heavy and consistent sunlight
  • Warm, dry climate all year long
  • Dusty winds

If you really want to stay beautiful in a desert city, you have to take extra special care of your skin. But you can’t entrust your skin to any random physician or dermatologist. You need to find the best Palm Desert dermatology clinic.

Finding the Best Palm Desert Dermatology Clinic

Ask if the Palm Desert Dermatology Clinic has a Doctor on Site

Many patients don’t know this, but not every state requires a medical director (e.g. a doctor) to be present for more than an hour per month, which means there’s no doctor present at the clinic most of the time. If you want the best dermatology clinic, pick the ones that have a physician around when you undergo your procedure.

Check if the Doctor is the Doctor Board Certified

The shocking truth is that there’s no law preventing doctors from calling themselves whatever they want, which leads to many dermatology centers built by doctors who lack training in dermatology. The really good Palm Desert dermatology clinics, on the other hand, are supervised by board-certified doctors. Being board certified means that the doctor has is trained, has extensive experience, and has proven his skill and credibility to a panel of industry experts. Basically, you can be sure that the doctor is actually qualified and capable. Dr Sofonio is board certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and a number of other boards. You can check out his CV to see his other qualifications.

Check the Palm Desert Dermatology Clinic’s Tenure

Finally, you might want to check how long the dermatology clinic has been in business. Just because a clinic is new does not mean they’re not qualified, but it can be a gamble as they have nothing to show. Instead, you should prefer clinics that have a few years under their belt. Staying in business for a few years is usually a clear indication that they’re doing good by their patients, and even if that’s the case – a few years should be enough to build a reputation. You can easily check their reputation online and see what you are signing up for.