The past few decades have seen men of all ages break outmoded gender stereotypes, particularly with regard to grooming and body image. More and more men have realized the value of maintaining their looks through proper grooming, and are no longer averse to plastic surgery as a way of enhancing their appearance. And according to statistics, liposuction is one of the top procedures favored by men.

Dr Sofonio

The statistics came from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which conducted a survey revealing a 325 percent increase in the number of cosmetic procedures done on men since 1997. They still pale in comparison to women, only accounting for 9.5 percent of all the procedures done in the same period, but given how big the cosmetic industry is the total number is quite impressive: men were the recipients of more than a million plastic surgery procedures in the year of 2015 alone.

Out of all the procedures done, the more common ones were nose surgery, gynecomastia reduction, eyelid surgery, face lifts, with the most common one being liposuction. This is not surprising, as men of a certain age tend to be more prone to fat buildup in the abdomen, which can be extremely difficult to get rid of even with healthy diet and exercise, further made difficult by the fact that these men usually have careers and family responsibilities that hinder any attempts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For these men, the most optimal solution is to get a liposuction.

Nowhere is male plastic surgery more important than in Palm Springs, California. The place is full of pool resorts, beaches, and sunny hangouts where people need to wear as little clothing as possible. So men who don’t have six-pack abs can feel left-out and even ashamed of their physical appearance.

One of the leading plastic surgeons in the country, Dr. Mark Sofonio, has provided plastic surgery and liposuction to male clients within the California area since 2002, no doubt being chosen by men because they feel more comfortable with a male surgeon, and also because Dr Sofonio tempers his practice with a warm, caring approach towards the needs and concerns of men, who are unfairly trained by society and popular culture to be wary of cosmetic surgical procedures.

Men who are looking for male plastic surgery services within California, particularly searching yelp palm springs reviews would do well to contact and set up an appointment with Dr Sofonio, whose practice provides the desert community with the kind of individualized quality care backed by an impressive background as a surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, with decades of work in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and with backing from numerous professional organizations.

So those who are looking for Rancho Mirage plastic surgery shouldn’t hesitate to contact us, and we will try to see what kind of help you need. We will be sure to provide you with all the assistance, as well as a package that will hopefully fit your budget.

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