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Jon Poling

Jon Poling, PA

Jon Poling, PA, has been a Physician Assistant for 36 years, 20 of which he has spent specializing in Cosmetic Dermatology. He graduated from the Physician Assistant Program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1975. He practiced in the USAF until 1988. As the retired USAF Captain, Jon ran rescue and recovery for the space shuttle efforts at Edwards Air Force Base along with being responsible for the Aerospace Medical Section. Following this career, he established a private practice in 1989. He has been practicing in the Coachella Valley for the last 22 years.

Jon Poling primary expertise is in the field of cosmetic laser technology and Dermatology. Jon has been a repeated guest lecturer at the meeting for Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons.  Jon also has been an investigator and injector of facial fillers and neurotoxins for since 1996. His experience lies in the use of Botox and Dysport, along with cosmetic fillers including Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and the volumizer Sculptra for use as a liquid facelift. He has trained with the experts from around the world including some of the product’s inventors.

Jon’s expertise also lies in the practice of Dermatology, skin cancer and skin cancer surgery. He has over 43 yrs experience in Dermatology, 30 years in Cosmetic Dermatology and 15 years in Hair transplantation.