Ear Surgery in Palm Springs, CA

An ear surgery can restore your overly prominent or misshapen ears to a more normal appearance. It can also restore the aesthetic proportions of the ears to the face. Even young children, starting from the age of five, can benefit from an ear surgery procedure. Dr. Sofonio offers ear surgery to residents of Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, CA.

Ear Surgery Procedure

During your initial consultation, Dr. Sofonio will ask you questions related to your expectations. You will also need to tell him about your past medical conditions to allow him to make a proper evaluation. Based on the outcome of your consultation, Dr. Sofonio will recommend the best surgical technique to realistically achieve your expectations. During surgery, he will generally make an incision within the outer portion of the ear to allow him reshape it. The duration of your ear surgery depends on the nature of the problem and the technique utilized by Dr. Sofonio.

Ear Surgery Post-Treatment Care

Following your ear surgery, you will need to elevate your head as much as possible to keep swelling to a minimum. You may also need to wear dressings or bandages around your ears to encourage the ears to heal in their new position. Dr. Sofonio will give you further post-operative treatment instructions tailored to your needs.

Ear Surgery Results

The result of ear surgery are often immediate, and can be appreciated once the dressings are removed. For instance, those with protruding ears will notice the smaller, shapelier ears.

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