Access to a Palm Desert plastic surgery center can be a controversial topic, mainly because there are a lot of misinformation floating around. Myths and fiction are full of stories about the fountain of youth, which is sought by people who don’t want the passage of time to take away their beauty. There is no actual fountain of youth in existence, but advancements in medical technology has brought us something that provides a similar benefit, while being entirely within people’s means: Facial Plastic Surgery.

Facial plastic surgery might not be able to keep you young forever, but it is the closest you will ever get to regaining lost youth. Various procedures for the face can accomplish anything from improving the nose, to removing wrinkled skin, and even eliminating jowls and double chins. If you live somewhere in California and are looking for a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist palm desert residents can trust, you should look no further than Dr Sofonio and his team.

Look Young and Beautiful, Without Worrying About the Surgery

Dr Sofonio is one of the leading surgeons in the country, providing clients with the care they need in order to look beautiful while still being safe and comfortable. Dr Sofonio will be discussing options in order to customize a treatment program custom-tailored to your needs, budget, not to mention your skin’s unique characteristics.

Client-Focused Program in Our Palm Desert Plastic Surgery Center

Patients will enjoy our facility’s spa-like feel, and will be warmly received by our friendly staff and surgeons, who all place a great deal of importance on the experience of an individual, aside from ensuring that the procedures are performed as safely as possible.

Wide Range of Cosmetic Procedures

We offer every single procedure that a person may need in order to bring back lost youth, or enhance his or her appearance based on what is deemed aesthetically pleasing. The procedures could include, among others:

  • desert plastic surgery center dr sofonioBlepharoplasty – is this surgery that addresses issues with eyelids, or simply just to enhance the look of one’s eye area.
  • Mentoplasty – this solves people’s problems with an ugly shaped chin, or to remove unsightly jowls and double chins.
  • Otoplasty – ears might not be as important for some people when it comes to affecting looks, but ears still play a part in shaping a face. So this procedure gives people an option if they don’t like the way their ears look.
  • Rhinoplasty – the nose is the center of the face, and will be one of the first things people notice when looking at a person’s face. And as such, people who want to look pleasing need to address how their nose looks.
  • Rhytidectomy – otherwise known as facelift, this procedure will help people who are worrying about sagging and wrinkled skin. Rhytidectomy can make a person look young and fresh again.

Read on to find out about other facial surgery procedures, and what they can do for you.

Feel Safe with the Surgeons in Our Palm Desert Plastic Surgery Center

Our surgeons are some of the best practitioners in the region, and should be your first consideration if you are looking for a palm desert plastic surgery center, all of our dermatologists palm desert are board certified and have had years, if not decades of experience providing plastic surgery to people who are now some of the most beautiful people in the country.