There may be an Acne Treatment Palm Desert surgeons consider to be specifically suited to certain skin types. While in most cases, people are content with just aftermarket acne treatment products (and for the most part they do well enough), the harsh climate in Palm Desert can wreak havoc on the skin of people who did not get the proper acne treatment.

An Acne Treatment Palm Desert Surgeons Recommend Not Just for Oily Skin

acne treatment palm desert surgeons sofonioThe common misconception is that acne only occurs on oily skin. When it comes to Acne Treatment Palm Desert experts believe that the sun can be brutal and has a tendency to dry people’s skin much faster than in much colder, less sunny parts of the country. This means even if a person addresses excessive oil while treating their acne, they fail to account for the loss of moisture in the epidermis. When this happens not only is the skin more prone to further acne breakouts, it’s also at risk of damage. And let us not forget the fact that dry skin looks ugly in and of itself. See examples of people who have benefited from treatment.

Different Skin Types Need Different Treatments

At Dr. Sofonio’s, we understand there is no one-size-fits-all acne treatment. Care must be taken to ensure that the procedures are custom-tailored to the patient’s skin type. These skin types could vary between:

  • Too loose or too tight. A true healthy skin must have consistency. It may be harder to spot blemishes when the skin is too loose, but people with too tight of a skin will reveal all blemishes, even though that would not be seen.
  • Pigmented or non-pigmented skin. Some acne treatment procedures can lead to permanent changes in color of the affected area, so a plastic surgeon needs to choose one that will not lead to unsightly pigmentation, or at least choose a procedure that will not leave obvious marks.
  • Sensitive and Resistant Skin. These are two opposite traits that limit the efficacy of aftermarket acne treatment products. Some people have skin so sensitive that it gets damaged by treatment, to the point where it looks worse than an acne infested skin. On the other end of the spectrum are people with skin so resistant, the treatments don’t work. With Dr Sofonio, the procedures are selected and custom-tailored to ensure that it is attuned to the sensitivity or resistance of a patient’s skin.

Getting your treatment done in Palm Desert is ideal even if you don’t necessarily live in the area. Aside from the fact that the place is home to one of the leading plastic surgeons in the world, you also get to ensure that your after-treatment skin can stand the harsh Palm Desert climate. And if your skin can weather this brutal environment, you can be sure your skin can handle the rest of the world.