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Dr. Sofonio is board certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Satellite broadcasting can be simply defined as the distribution of any multimedia content or broadcast signals through a satellite network. The broadcast signals originate from a T.V or Radio station. These signals are then beamed to satellites, which, in turn, reflect it back to the earth, where they are gathered by base stations such as small home satellite dishes or by base stations owned by the local cable network for redistribution to their customers. Behavioral nature of reflectors in sky would gather and retransmit the signals which wraps up the whole broadcasting purpose.

Satellite broadcasting system in Singapore is based on content distribution using broadcast signals from communication satellites which are further received by satellite dishes. Incoming signals are decoded and transmitted back to the users through the media objects like television or satellite radio.

As an operator or broadcaster, the media team will ensure the best and quality content is provided in all necessary formats, to reach the targeted audiences wherever and however they watch. With some of Singapore and the region’s most-loved brands, broadcasting media has performed an outstanding performance since 2014. Their diverse portfolio represents a number of different media platforms and genres, from digital to TV to radio to, comedy, animation and many more.

A salient benchmark is steadfast on providing cutting edge technologies for digital media management and communication. Most of the evening time slots are assigned for family shows and time. Youngsters and Middle aged focused audience are arranged for night slots and even weekends.

Satellite communications play a vital role in the global telecommunications system. Artificial satellites are launched in Earth orbit for specially carry out the broadcasting purpose and range area based transmission.

As of like any another broadcasting medium, many locations worldwide can be arranged under one broadcasting umbrella, in which media focused satellites will transmit signals carrying audio & video data in a fraction of second. The advancements in the technologies have made the process of communication easier and we can eagerly look forward to the future tools in Satellite broadcasting which would enable us to get connected all the time.