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Dr. Sofonio is board certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.



We the citizen of USA normally depends on the muscle power rather than other powers hence Somatodrol is the precise to those who really want to build up their muscle power within a short duration without any side effects.

Even if we hit the gym for hours or weeks, proper muscle gain is not assured for many irrespective of the body structure. Well this product helps further on this process, which will makes you fit and happier. It inhibit the growth hormone which normally induce the growth. It also helps to induce the hormone naturally there is a cent percentage no side effects found in the product. It produces an anabolic steroids (buildup of our body). Hence the steroid produced by the Somatodrol which reduces the fat which is unwanted in our body. The fat deposition may causes myocardial infarction to human beings, hence this reduce the fat which is deposited unwanted in our body. In other words Somatodrol burns the fats which are deposited beneath the epidermis. It had a main ingredient which normally termed as the growth factor which induces the growth / rapid growth of the muscles.


Few of the trainers gained muscles but were not visible and arrival of our product changed the way of one dreams their body. Neither skinny nor muscular guys are at the top of most of the list of body types that we find instantly attractive. But using this I know plenty of happily married skinny guys, I’m quite sure that there are plenty of people out there who love skinny guys whose life saved cause of this product.

If a woman says she won’t date your because your muscles are too big, then that’s her issue not mine. This supplement helped many guys live through acceptance rather rejection.

Any woman who judges you on your body without spending time on your efforts, leave it the product will not disappoint you under any aspects, 100% is guaranteed.

Most of the older research show that Women are physically attracted to guys like Zac Efron or Cristiano Ronaldo  in opposed to the Dwayne Johnson Hercules Physique. But When this product is in, reports have changed and authentic statistics are revealed that it’s now vice versa. Many changed their attitude and way of love compared to older years. While in championship era, in 2014 it made a history hence the creation of the first Brazilian Championship of Kettle bell.

The Event held in Sao Paulo brought together the best athletes in the country with a lot of strength and good deposition.

It is scientifically proven.


What is Somatodrol?


  • Our product is a muscle gaining substance which is mostly used to gain the muscles without any side effects and unwanted fats are burned by continue usage of Somatodrol.
  • It has a main ingredient which normally termed as the growth factor.
  • This contains beta- alanine and arginine combined in the perfect composition combined together to produce the absolute results.
  • It normally induce the growth hormone which induces the muscle growth and energy for the work out.
  • This gives the energy for the rapid work out.
  • Hence this product also contains the Cyaenne pepper, gurana and vitamin B12.
  • It normally used for the muscle building.
  • It gives the HGH naturally without any side effects.
  • It induces the muscle gains and burns the fats.
  • It allows the muscles to speed up its growth.
  • More energy.
  • Higher the workout level.
  • Doesn’t produce any side effects.
  • It also contains the vitamin B12 and  B6


Action Method:


The action method of our product includes the following actions:

  • It increases the growth hormone.
  • The growth hormone normally induces the muscle growth of our body.
  • It normally reduces the fat deposition.
  • It provides the energy for the rapid work out.
  • Continuously the energy may be increased in intake of this product.
  • It also increases the HGH level which improves the stamina level.
  • It eliminates the cramps and muscle tension.
  • It increases the strength.
  • It increases the testosterone.
  • Boost the HGH production
  • Increases the strength and the libido.
  • Getting a ripped body
  • Faster regeneration of the muscles.
  • Increases your energy level.
  • Improve the performance in the gym.





GRTH Factor 


  • Beta alanine
  • AAkG ( Arginine alpha Ketoglutarate)
  • TST factor
  • DAA (D- aspartic acid)
  • Zinc oxide



Fat Reduction Matrix

  • Cyaenne Pepper
  • Guarana
  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • Nicotinic acid
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12


Where to buy

Somatodrol is the worldwide found in the market product.

Before buying this product user can check if they where qualify to take our product.

The window consists of the following requirements:

  • Name of the user
  • Age of the user:

The age of the user categorized from the 15 years to the 100



User can fill their age.

  • Expected result:
    1. Muscle growth.
    2. Ripped growth.
  • Faster regeneration.
  1. Easier fate burring.
  2. Higher libido.
  3. All the above.


By checking the above criteria hence the user can buy the product through websites, online shopping.



If there is no result or no improvement hence the money will be guarantee. The money will be return to our bank account.

After using our product, if you don’t feel 100% satisfaction, then we will give you the money back, which is assured.



The price of the capsule is about 35.00 GBP.

Each user had a basket on online shopping hence it gives 2 capsules it ranges up to 70.00 GBP


Hence the product is a mandatory add-on to a man’s life whatever life has options forward. Physique is also important compared to attitude and personality for a good life, and this is worth it. So the bottom line is, the only workout to get the body you want is add this also in your diet and not just for the sake of getting girls and impressing your mates.                    

Product Review by Customers:


  • I was fat and when I started working out I lose weight fast but I had no muscles, especially on my chest. While taking Somatodrol I saw the first results after 12 week “ # Robert.
  • I could hardly look at my friends. They are fit. I slaved at gym but with no result .I was skinny Somatodrol solved my problem at gym “ #Peter