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The history and heritage of porto will create memories for a lifetime, finding new places with an eagerness to know more Porto, is a heart throbbing moment in a traveler’s life. Flying to Portugal and instant services from car rentals in porto would take you for an enjoyable ride and stay with fruitful vibes.

Top Five attractions in Porto are:-


  1. Baroque treasures :

Around the North of Portugal, to know more about the baroque monuments we need to stay there at least three days to explore the wonders of its history. The wooden carvings over the blues explains the unusual feel of baroque existence since years. It was initially built in 12th century and revamped to baroque by Nasoni. Skillfully working with granite and undulating moments. Car rentals in Porto available 24 x 7 will take you to the place to know more about the feel of porto.

Being in the heart of porto Igrega do Carmo,  with its exterior walls in blue and white with marvel in Igrega and Torre dos Clérigos, celebrated 250 years of existence. Traditional restaurants nearby will tickle your taste buds with their signature dishes.

Church of Misericórdia do Porto in Rua das Flores is known as the city’s historical centre. In 1996, World Heritage by UNESCO is another must visit, whose interior is covered in Baroque and Rococo gilded woodcarvings.

  1. Romanesque :


Art and architecture of Northern Portugal since 11th and 12th century with a series of transformation enhances the appearance and style of monuments in Romanesque. Traces of tresqo from the fifteenth century with a regional touch inside the churches more elegant and precious. With unbeatable rates and choice in Car Rentals in Porto will help your tour enjoyable.


The Romanesque Route tour comprises of 58 monuments near the rivers Tâmega, Sousa and part of the Douro.


Three routes by road through river valleys :-

  • The Sousa Valley Route – 19 monuments
  • The Tâmega Valley Route – 25 monuments
  • The Douro Valley route – 14 monuments.



  1. Minho :


Enormous natural landscape and beauty with intense greenery and hospitality from the Italian residents will ally itself with the immense joy of traditional life there. Minho surprises with golf facilities, radical activities like rafting in Gerês, kite surfing in  Viana do Castelo, car rentals in porto  and much more.


  1. Trás-os-Montes :


Purifying spirits, majestic mountains, and scenic nature of the land makes the interior of the North Portugal unbelievable. Almond Blosson, Bragança, located in the extreme of the Montesinho Natural Park (wild forest), with a broad variety of fauna and flora.


Beautiful cities like Chaves, Bragança, and Vidago are worth a long visit with the car rentals in porto.  Premium Olives and Carnival Celebrations are another peculiarity of Trás-os-Montes which attracts visitors from all over the world with their eye-dropping costumes, cheerful parades and Italian traditional music. The Italian cuisine aroma and rejuvenating spa will not make you leave porto.


  1. Douro :

Contrast of mosaics and traditionally constructed churches will talk about the heritage of inner vibes of Douro. Using services like car rentals in porto for two days through the wonderful routes will definitely a memorable experience with monuments and architectural styles. Passing through the Lamego Cathedral you already saw Fragas de Panóias  and S. Fragas Church.


The route begins in Vila Real, which was initially a national monument named Fraga de Panóias – temple dedicated to Serápis.


Porto will be always be a special attraction in my travelogue with fabulous site-seeing and excellent holiday choice for all those who love to travel out. Fly now, to enjoy the full tastes!

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