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Dr. Sofonio is board certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

“Say no to smoking”
Now days the entire world is filled with the smoker which may causes the increase in the number of the second hand smoke too. Physically it may cause some enjoyment during the first few days or handling the smoking may give happiness to the smoker but it causes several damages to the smoker in the physical and mental level.
Once we are addicted to the cigarettes hence the adverse effect may be high which leads to addicted for the nicotine which is the poisonous substance present in the cigarettes. Hence the smoking of the cigarettes may leads to the surrounding pollution too which may leads to neighbors to have the adverse effect too.
Hence one should take care of themselves and doesn’t produce any harmful effect to other. Thus it may leads to death of the surrounding person without smoking. Hence stop smoking and maintain the surrounding clean.
The cigarette normally contains the nicotine substance which make the brain faster at the time of the smoking but normally the its adverse effect will be retain in our body.
Now a day’s youngster had many reason for smoking hence they believe the smoking may leads to the find the solution of the problem.
Actually this kind of thinking arises during the addiction stages started, when they were in the problematic situation the smoker took the cigarette and made a time for it.
In large of the IT sector (developing field) the developer can reduces their stress by smoking the cigarettes.
This kind of opponent thinking leads to the chain smoking and we are getting into the hand of the devil.
The adverse effect of the citrate smoking:
• Bad breath
• Teeth color changes to yellow.
• Normally stressed
• Confused mind
• Irregular diet
• Addiction
• Making fatty.
• Irresponsiveness.
• Sight problem.
• Cancer diseases.
• Unable to think
• Less peaceful
• Urinary attack
• Pollution to the air
• Smoke may leads to deposition of lungs
• Erosion of lungs.
• Skin diseases
• confusion
One should thing that smoking may reduce the stress but it normally reduces the following:
• Happiness
• Life span
• Healthiness
• Confident
• Self confidence
• Our surrounding happiness
• Life of the innocent (who doesn’t smoke for a single time).
• Making sad to unknown reason.
• Taking wrong decision
• Making or eager to take more cigarettes.
• Irrelevant thinking.
It’s better to quit smoking as early as possible to live more with your loved ones. During the early stages of quit, even though it’s a tough stage, our product will not make you feel tough on the journey to smoke free. By using our product, your body becomes more energetic and active compared to a nonsmoker persona.
Hence stop smoking makes yourself happy and the surrounding happy with all kind of the surprises.

What is Nicorix:
Nicorix is the antidote for the smoking person. The person who wants to revel or get escape from the cigarette smoking can be get off by step by step process by using the Nicorix.
Hence the patient can get rid of nicotine poison, which normally reduces the addiction level in the patients.

By avoiding the cigarette one can normally get away from the following
• Less the wages getting in to chain smoking
• Health issues
• Surrounding clean
• Money saving
• Happier
• Less the addiction level
• Increases the life span
• Live our life with in the healthier situation
• No wastage of the insurance amount
• Well planned life style.
• Avoid the unwanted stress.
• Avoid the bad breath.
• Avoid the cancer.
• Avoid the lung diseases.
• Avoid other deadly diseases.
• Making the happiest time with our family lovable one
• Regular time spending.
• Avoid risk factor
• Reduces the addiction and make happier..
• More responsible.

Action Method of Nicorix

This product is normally a tablet hence the tablet can reduces the adverse effect of the nicotine which is normally present in our body.
The person who is addicted to the smoking and he/she may want to get away from smoking hence the product is the correct and right choice for the releasing the nicotine from their body.
It reduces the intake of the cigarettes which in turn make the brain and body level which is not in the form of addiction format.
People normally get rid of the smoking by different dosages.
Normally it decreases the cigarettes in take.

These are the action taken by the product:
• Reduces the intake.
• Reduces the addiction level
• Reduces the ill effect
• Back to normal stage
• Step by step recovery process.
• Making him/herself a good and healthier condition
• Reduce the cost of the medicine ever.
• Slow but effective cure in nature.
Steps carried from the product:
• Normally reduces the nicotine content in the body
• By chewing the tablet hence it is nicotine free it normally build up the reduction of the position in the different position
• These help the user to step by step process of reduce the poison level
• Engaging the different level of reduction process.
• The process of making the reduction of the poison level leads to the happier life ever.
• Risk factor may reduces
• Employ more confident to live.
• Escape from the deadly diseases
• Reduces the entire smoking adverse effect
• Step by step recovery.
• Control the addiction into particular level
• Finally eradicated the entire addiction
• 100% no side effects.
• Leads to gain the healthier environment.
Composition of Nicorix:
The composition of the product includes the following:
• No nicotine.
• No addictive product.
• 100%safe ingredient.
• No side effects.

Where to buy a Nicorix:
The product is normally found in all the medical shop and the rather than online shopping also available.
There is some restriction of the product to buy:
• Youngster normally below 18 years.
• Those who were not belong to the smoking categories
• People in the old age.
People can buy the product whom are:-
• Adult people
• Diabetes
• Heart diseases patient
• Cancer patient
• Allergic patient
• Varies temperate body
• Various cough problem people.
Cash on delivery is also applicable.
Nicorix Price
The price of the product is about $ 15 instead of $ 30.
Nicorix Reviews
The best way to reduce the nicotine is about the tablet without any side effects.
Barbara: I was a nonstop smoker till the age of 35. Without this tablet I was not able to maintain the pace of good life. Until I got some heart pain, I decided to intake this tab daily whenever am feeling off. Now happily enjoying my life ahead with my kids.
Zac: I never thought I would be free from smoking, till the day I started to use your product. Truly speaking, this will do wonders on your habit.

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