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Dr. Sofonio is board certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

In 1992, Sally Jesse Raphael’s 19-year-old adopted son Jason Soderlund was seriously injured in a car accident. Dr Sofonio appears on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show.

Sally Jesse RaphaelThe police told us that our 19-year-old son JJ had been in a terrible car accident and they did not know if he was still alive. After what seemed like an eternity, we were standing at JJ’s side in a hospital, where he lay in a coma. My husband Carl and I wondered whether he would ever wake up again. The doctors told us the car that JJ was driving had violently crashed into a tree, took almost an hour to cut through the wreckage and remove JJ and two of his friends from the car. They weren’t drinking, they weren’t speeding, they were wearing their seatbelts, the car was in good condition. For 10 endless hours in the operating room, a team of doctors were literally putting JJ’s body back together.


Dr SofonioDr Sofonio explains the procedures he used to reconstruct her son’s face following a near fatal accident






Jason Soderlund“I remember I had gone to pick up two friends. Afterward, we had then gone from there to go and meet a third friend after talking. And we had gone down off a road I’ve only gone on a couple of times. And the last thing I remember was losing control of the car, and I remember seeing the tree hitting us. And I tried to grab control of the car, and I remember losing control, just totally. ”