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“First impression is the best impression”


Landing page or selling page is a webpage which contains the information about the product or the services provided by the organization. Most of the landing pages are designed by responsive manner (bootstrap). Responsive page is defined as one in which user-friendly which can support both mobile and pc screen, therefore most of the designer prefer the responsive page for their design implementation. The landing page contains the search engine friendly meta tags. The tagline or the purpose of the page is to impress people and to sell the product.


 In online marketing a landing page is also known as destination page which contains a single web page information. Normally the pages are linked to email login or social media login like the Facebook, Twitter etc in order to maintain the advertisement purpose.

The main purpose is to enhance the effectiveness of reaching their advertisements one who views the page. The general goal is to maintain the site visitor to maintain a selling or buying record. Once the user is familiar in selling their product it will continued by the capturing their contact number and notification were send to the corresponding contact numbers. It may also happen by sending the inquiry form to the user the user can fill their interest in selling or buying product. The form obtains the personal information about the user those who buy or sell the product.

If the seller needs to sell the product actually the designer set a hyperlink activity. Objectives of hyperlink are to redirect the new page which impress the user and makes a decision to buy the product.

Designer provides special feature like carrying the alert message and the offer related to get discount and the price get lowered similar tricks are carried out by the page which attract the people hence this will make the people to buy the product without fail.

Reference link provide on the page is redirected to the advertisement which is normally provided by the seller which makes the buyer to buy a product.


Landing pages originated with Microsoft in 2003 formed by the IT sectors in responsive manner. The rise of cloud computing and e-commerce around 2009 provide major conditions for the startup of the process.

The customer requirement is to maintain the email marketing related messages to the phone number which usually enhance the relationship between the customer and the management system.


It often contains the clear, focused and action oriented content. Once a good landing page explains the product offer in a clear manner and places visual representation on the product, it will automatically enhances the product description. The page normally visualizes the product nature and the details about the product.

The page may also contain the video and the animation effects in order to maintain the visualization properties. This landing page is also redirected to the social media (face book or twitter). To provide the social media sharing about the product and it provide spotlight on marketing emphasis in nature.

Normally the product description given in the social media sharing serve as advertisement for the product.

Many of web customers use professional landing page systems, others need technical support online or text mails. Many of the digital agencies worldwide give development services for landing page including custom design and development. Not only it’s based on main information but can be used for marketing strategies like a one day game or event specialized landing page exclusively for certain audience.

Types of landing pages:

There are two type of landing pages

  1. Reference
  2. Transactional.


A reference landing page delivers or describes about the information which is relevant to the visitor. These can display text, images which are required for the visitor/users. It also provides the link and alert messages notification.


It normally happens after a product is successfully purchased. When a user carry out the transaction successfully the link of related product details are provided as sell or buying the product.

Custom landing page:

It is normally carried out after the user clicks ADs in the search engine.

Page is normally optimized by specific keywords.

Keywords normally used to search the product description is used for better tracking.

The image and description can be given by the keyword.

All these features are combined together to form the custom landing page.

Cheap landing page:

The best and cheap landing page is normally about lower prices per template.

Hence this template can be readily used to create the responsive page.

The combination of both the responsive with less cost called as cheap landing page.

Business landing page:

Business landing page normally deals with description of product which is related to different product like home appliances, cosmetics, living apartments, shopping mall products, different cushions, bridal makeup, industrial products, car and clothing materials, mobile phones, kids wear and land booking and selling, selling extra products which is normally used by others.

Cost of landing pages:

The cost of landing page may be varied from different templates and requirements which normally used for product (image, video).

Cost of the page depends on the business level they can be classified as

  1. Small business
  2. Medium business
  3. High business.

Small business:

This business normally implemented with very little budget and the testing factor varies. Scenario of the testing tool and effectiveness in the content may be cost effective. The template cost may due to the secondary accessories.

Medium business:

Medium typed business may be considered for landing pages related to ecommerce especially for clothing materials purchase online.

Template may also have accessories like email subscription and alert message type to attract and track the customers based on order history and keyword search. Even local business also includes in this category.

 Large budget business:

Business by international companies for launching their product with accurate description like image, gif file, video, and several comparison of product also linked with description.

Large scale business normally carried out with A/b testing and acceptance of the customer.

The marketing techniques and solutions ranges from higher to moderate level depending upon the strategies.


  1. Easily attract people.
  2. Look and feel effects.
  3. Competitive in market.
  4. Carry out product worldwide.
  5. Marketing technique.

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