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Do you like long drives through the country side of America? Does your daughter hope for a visual treat through the butterfly gardens like in the Cinderella stories? Do you wish to spend some time by playing golf course? Does your son want to walk through the historical moments and remember the war heroes? Does your wife want to walk straight into the theatres and enjoy a show of symphony? You want to be the best husband and best dad at the same time? You want to enjoy the weekend with your family’s interest? Now you confuse how this can be done at the same time, don’t worry, drive to the most beautiful and the magnificent cities of Aurora Colorado. She opens her arms to receive you with your perfect weekend plans.


When the name “Aurora” is heard, we remember those sweet melodies of 1978 orchestra named “AURORA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA”, of 54th largest town in the States, Aurora Colorado. The city originated as per the plan of Fletcher in the 1880s in remembrance of a Denver’s famous businessman, named Donald fletcher who saw the town as one of his most mind-blowing real estate opportunity. After the “Silver crash” of 1893, fled from the town leaving the people with high water debt. In 1907 the local people decided to reframe the town as “Aurora”. Aurora then started to flourish in Denver’s shadow as America’s fastest growing city during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Apart from these developments a huge military deployments are also spotted during the late 19th and early 20th century. An army hospital has been opened in the city to look after the wounded soldiers of World War II.


Aurora CO has a population of 32,5078 with 155.4 sq. mi land and has city limits of 5,471 feet. The highest peak elevation of 6,229 feet is found on the extreme south of the city in the Douglas County and the lowest peak elevation of 5,285 feet is found at the endpoints where Sand Creek crosses the city limits in the northwestern corner of the city.


The Aurora CO has a variety of attractions throughout the city. This city has more than a 100 parks around the city along with more than 6000 acres of natural areas and open space. They also include several golf courses which are under the control of both privates as well as the government.

Aurora’s Morrison Nature Center offers natural habitat for the wild inhabitants. It includes many Trails for nature expeditions, including pathways to the Sand Creek Greenway Trail. Wooden Wetland (50 acre) – Jewel Wetland features trails and deck access which is a visual treat for all travelers.

DeLaney farm, which is a site of Aurora’s infamous historic round barns, has 130 acres of open area.The two structures which are situated at the National register of Historic Places. The Plains Conservations Center, with 1,100 acres of local shortgrass prairie, which is held as a venue for a variety of educational programs.


The infamous Aurora Symphony Orchestra, a community orchestra formed in 1978, offers an year round of full concerts as well as smaller artistic performances. This is a perfect retreat for a music lover and of course a place for a perfect evening with your loved one.

The Aurora public Library teaches its population, with the help of four main branches, four PC centers, and a variety of programs throughout the year to its population.


Aurora can be reached by Interstate 70, Interstate 225 and the E-470 beltway.

The H-line stops at Aurora’s Dayton station and Nine Mile station and a network of lane buses in southern aurora to serve the latter.

The R-line which runs from the Lincoln stations in Lone tree south of Denver to the Peoria Station in NE Denver, which leads to the Denver International airport.


Now are you looking to visit to the city where the famous comic artist was born? Why wasting time looking for a reason to enjoy your weekends? Just drive to the city of dreams and get an experience for a lifetime. Enjoy with your family. Be the best dad for your kids and be a loving husband for your partner

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