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Dr. Sofonio is board certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Breast Augmentation Joshua Tree

Breast Augmentation Procedure – What Does It Involve?

Wondering how the breast augmentation procedure is performed? Interested in finding out what does it involve? Well, this procedure makes use of implants that are used to help enhance the breasts size of a woman. The surgery is carried out under a general anesthesia in order to enhance and reconstruct the breast.

What Does The Breast Augmentation Procedure Involve?

This procedure is also referred to as mammoplasty enlargement, breast enlargement or augmentation mammoplasty. Keep in mind, the breast augmentation procedure will not only help a woman enhance her figure, but is also greatly helpful for the purpose of reconstruction. For instance, reconstruction of breasts after a mastectomy can be a great boost to a woman’s self esteem. This will dramatically lift the patient’s spirits after having regained her original figure. It will be a pleasant reminder that she has successfully combated her cancer and has been fully treated.

Remember, breast augmentation procedure is presently a highly preferred cosmetic surgical procedure. There are several reasons for the growing popularity of breast implants. Firstly, it has the ability to offer an overnight change for incredibly awesome looking breasts. Secondly, you can easily determine how you would like your breasts shaped. Last but not the least, you will instantly get extremely beautiful and perky breasts.

What Type Of Breast Implants Are Currently Being Used?

This cosmetic breast augmentation procedure involves a fairly safe surgical process. Typically, saline and silicone filled implants are used during breast augmentation surgeries. However, there are an array of new alternatives that have been recently developed. These involves the use of polypropylene and soy oil for producing the desirable results.

Breast implant surgeries are being carried out for centuries. They have been performed since the end of the 18th century to improve and enlarge the breasts shape. Look for a leading, qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. This is significant since you stand better chances of a successful surgery by choosing a surgeon with an immaculate track record.

The Top 4 Reasons For Performing Breast Augmentation Surgery Includes:

1. Primary augmentation
2. Primary reconstruction
3. Revision reconstruction
4. Revision augmentation.

Find out which type of method will work best for you. Find a reputed doctor and go for it. Also, before you decide to opt for a breast augmentation procedure, it is a good idea to carry out some research on the benefits and risks involved in the use of various materials and methods. You can certainly get the enhanced breast size that you have always desired with little bit of efforts!