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1) Singer Island Real Estate (singerisland.real.estate)
At Singer Island you are faced with an easy to use customer interface real estate platform with pleasing colour tones of blues and whites which complement the business’s beachside properties. At the top of the home page are links for property search, application download option, buyer reviews and contact information.
2) Golden Palms Properties (goldenpalmsproperties.com)
The site opens with a video showcasing the breezy properties in Carnegie Hill which are both secluded and accessible. Descriptions of properties are given alongside images of the same and the approximate prices are listed as well. There are options to subscribe to newsletters and SMS alerts at the top right corner of the home page.
3) Good Haven Homes (goodhavenhomes.com)
goodhavens.com offers content that is well-curated and descriptive, enabling buyers to make wise choices depending upon their needs. The website is built on a WordPress platform with crisp images and customized maps of the properties. Goodhavens.com also offers a report section of the houses which helps buyers to single out safe properties.
4) Pierre Haldini (pierrehaldini.com)
The website contains fresh and professional images of properties in Sherman Oaks with an enticing colour scheme of peach and navy blue. The photos are descriptions by themselves and draw in buyers with their sheer beauty. Property search options, neighborhood listings and enquiry options are available just above the fold.
5) Orange County Real Estate (orangecountyrealestate.com)
The website is owned by brothers Jacob Hill and Kenneth Hill and opens with an audio of them introducing themselves and inviting buyers to view the properties. Drones have been used to get clear aerial shots of the properties and the colour palette used is a sunny yellow and white. They have online booking features on festive rates.
6) Laurel Real Estate (laurelrealestate.com)
From the moment you glance at laurelrealestate.com you are drawn in by the scenic beauty of the properties along Lake View Terrace. The modern and minimalistic design of the website is palatable and the lack of clutter enables easy decision making for buyers. The buttons and links are placed visibly and accurately giving the website a professional touch.

7) Olympus Properties (olympusproperties.com)
Olympus Properties offers a range of 5-bedroom homes at attractive prices located in Baldwin Village. The website contains a clear threshold of information about properties and neighborhoods. Sections can be spotted easily thanks to boxed links. The font is elegant and legible on a background of lilac and beige. They have 24/7 chat support to help the customers looking for budget friendly properites.
8) Cheviot Homes (cheviothomes.com)
cheviothomes.com offers homes that have unique geometric and minimalistic designs with built-in security systems. The website excels in carefully placed links to help visitors find what they are looking for. SMS alerts for registered users will be notified instantly if new listings appear in the website. Easy navigation and quick search options including a market index rating make the website more feasible for buyers.
9) Faircrest Real Estate (faircrestrealestate.com)
The website brings together both form and function, complemented by the colour scheme and high definition images. The design is well put together and the tabs and buttons portray the logo of the business. Attention has been paid to provide vivid description and accurate information.
10) Edendale Houses (edendalehouses.com)
The colour palette and design of the website is attuned with the airy architecture of the homes. The testimonial slider appears below the fold and hence gives credit to the owner, Henry James. All the elements come together to form a professional and well-crafted website which is also user friendly.
11) Julio Properties (julioproperties.com)
At Julio, architects bring elements of Renaissance into the houses giving the feeling of going back in time. The attractive prices given alongside aesthetic images of properties are eye-catching. Search and contact options appear just above the fold. The website carries information useful for both buyers and sellers.
12) Brentwood Real Estate (brentwoodrealestate.com)
The website features parallax design with carefully incorporated images and descriptions of properties. There is a unique language translate feature which adds compatibility qualities. Brentwoodrealestate.com also has an option for a magazine blog which leads to an external website. The website is packed with both beauty and information, solving any of a buyer’s needs.
13) Wallace Developers (wallacedevelopers.com)\
Buyers are welcomed with a sans serif font on a pale blue background with well-placed buttons and links. The subtle design of the website does not fail to create impact. Property descriptions are given alongside gorgeous pictures with an option to enquire more. It has a quintessential essence and is never audacious.
14) Osborne Properties (osborneproperties.com)
Osborne Properties draws in buyers with its understated website design and well-curated and researched content. There is harmony along with subtle movement which brings balance while keeping it dynamic. Buttons and links are highlighted, but not in a loud or gaudy way. The elegant images add colour and soul to the page.
15) Harbor City Homes (harborcityhomes.com)
The website has a video background which adds a personal touch. It displays the types of homes sold by the owner Gladys Berkeley with audio clips from Gladys herself. The property search box, contact information and blog link appear below the fold. Technology and functionality finds equal ground on the site.
16) Elysian Park Real Estate (elysianparkrealestate.com)
The logo stands out on the website and is unique and aesthetic. Everything from the colours to the link buttons is designed to highlight the minimalistic nature of the properties. The layout is spaced and organized well and provides seamless navigation. There are community pages as well which give a description of the neighborhoods.
17) New Ark Properties (newarkproperties.com)
The website has a wide variety of homes to choose from for buyers and investors alike. From the images to font colour everything is on point and binds the whole design and pictures of the properties together. Buyers can take a more detailed look at properties with the help of the videos posted.
18) Holmby Real Estate (holmbyrealestate.com)
The website focuses on Los Angeles by highlighting the main local attractions of the place on the homepage. The page also has neighborhood listings, buyer reviews, property maps and contact information. There is also a Featured Properties page which is filled with well-researched content and premium listings with HD images and video of the land.
19) Royale Real Estate (royalerealestates.com)
Finally the end for your search for a property. This website has a wide variety of properties you look for, let it be lands or house. Here is the solution for your query. Interested buyers can look through the photographs of the various projects and then select your dream plots. There are provisions for assistance from our unique real estate agents for hustle free purchases.
20) Park Avenue Real Estate (parkavenuerealestates.com)
The website has a wide range of properties suitable for villas as well as other projects. The site has the photos of the properties which the buyer can go through. The site also has a unique feature in which the buyer can look the aerial view of the property if needed. Personal assistance are also available as per the buyer’s convenience.
21) Royal Farms Real Estate (royalfarmsrealestates.com)
The website provides excellent locations for your farming future. Here wide ranges of fish farming areas are out there to be sold and rented. World’s 60% of the fishes are from the singer islands. Exclusive farms are also available. For your farming dreams approach us direct and we will help you in achieving your dreams. Personal farming ideas and assistance are also provided.
22) JerrySinger Real Estates (jeryysingerrealestates.com)
Are you looking for water front plots for your dream home? Here is the solution; This site provides a am wide range of plots which has a sea frontage ideal for your dream home. The buyers can directly access to the property photos and decide your dream housing plots. Personal managers for assistance are also provided free of cost.
23) Real Estate Dreams (realestatedreams.com)
Here is the destination to start for your dream resorts on the shore of singer islands. The site provides various ready to occupy plots suitable for resorts and for tourism purposes. The buyer can take a tour through the photographs and have a satellite view of the property if needed. Personal managers will assist you to get your dream done.
24) Saint Dreams Real Estate (realsaintestatedreams.com)
If you are looking for a real estate solution for your dream to be achieved here is a pit stop for you. Look through the photographs and the videos posted on the website and select your dream property. Personal managers will assist you to get on to your dreams. We also provide legal assistance so the buyer need not worry for the legal procedures.
25) Sell And Buy Real Estate (sellandbuyrealestate.com)
Here is the destination for buyers and sellers. Buyers have the golden opportunity to go through the properties and decide using photographs and videos posted on the website. The buyers can also contact the sellers directly through the website and buy your property. Personal assistance are assured throughout the process.
26) Paradise Real Estate (paradiserealestate.com)
If you are looking for a paradise for your stay, come have a look through the website and purchase your dream place. We provide various properties which include water front plots, silent scenic plots, or very fast life urban plots. The buyers can have a look through the photographs as well as the videos posted on the website. The buyers can also avail the unique feature of aerial view of your dream property.
27) Classic Real Estate Solutions (classicrealestatesolutions.com)
The future of real estate is here. Have a look through the website and mention the type of property you are looking for, our personal assistance group will bring back you the best possible properties around the globe and show you. You just have a look through the photographs aerial view and satellite view of the property. Our manager will be on the site if you ask for and you can have a live video chat if required. All the legal procedures are also done by us with minimal cost.
28) Eskay Real Estate Solutions (eskayrealestatesolutions.com)
This is one stop for all your real estate queries. You can buy rent and sell the properties in the famous singer islands. The buyer can just relax and enjoy the view of the property when our personal managers do the rest of the talking with the owners and provide a hustle free property exchange. We also provide legal assistance at a very minimal cost.
29) IslandPro Real Estates (islandprorealestates.com)
If you are looking for a property in one of the best island groups in the world, then the solution for your search is here. Have a look through the millions of properties around the island group of singer islands in Florida. Search through them and get the finest of your property at a very low cost and get your dream done. You can enjoy the videos of the properties posted by our managers and also by our sellers. All legal procedures are done by us so you need not worry. Come and grab your dream project.
30) Real Estate Solutions (realestatesolutions.com)
Here is the solution for all your worries for your dream property. We have a wide range of properties including water front properties. You just have to select the property by looking at the property’s photographs posted by our professional managers. Our assistance team will contact you within a day and will assist you to get the dream property in one of the finest islands of the world.
31) Professional Real Estates (professionalrealestates.com)
Here is your destination for your villas in one of the finest island groups in the world. We research through the finest properties around the islands and then are posted on the website. The buyers just have to look through the photographs and then select one. From there all the procedures are done by our professional team. The buyer can also have a satellite view of the selected property on demand.
32) Easy Real Estate solutions (easyrealestatesolutions.com)
Achieve the dream of having a water frontage home for your retirement. We exclusively provide water frontage properties in the singer islands of West Palm beach, Florida. Have a look through the wide range of photographs and the videos posted by the owners as well as our team. Personal assistance are also ensured once you select your dream property.
33) Dream Projects Solutions (dreamprojectssolutions.com)
Are you dreaming to own a sea faced property in Florida for your retirement. Here is the solution for your dream. We have a wide range of properties in the West Palm Beach which is an excellent destination for your retirement. Have a tour through the millions of properties on our website and select your dream project. Our assistance team will talk to the owners on your behalf and the property will be yours forever. Come have a look.
34) Buyers Arena Real Estates (buyersarenarealestate.com)
The buyers can have a tour through the millions of properties that are available to occupy. The buyers can directly contact the owners of the property through the website and have a direct talk. Or the personal managers will do the talking on behalf of the buyer and do the necessities. All the legal procedures are taken out by us so need not worry about the legal procedures.
35) Real Estate World (realestateworld.com)
Are you looking for a property in one of the finest islands of the world? Are you looking for a property to be rented there? Here is your solution for your worry. The buyers just have to look through the photographs as well as the videos posted on the website and select your dream property. Satellite views of the property are availed on request. Our assistance group will assist you to achieve your dreams.
36) Properties Arena (propertiesarena.com)
The website provides a wide variety of properties around the finest islands of the world. The buyers just have to take a look through the photographs and the videos posted by our assistance teams. Satellite views are also availed on request. Aerial views of the properties are also provided on demand. All the year around assistance team is our strength.
37) Island Arena Real Estate (islandarenarealestate.com)
The property solution of your query is finally here at your fingertips. The buyers have to take a look through the photographs and the videos posted on the website. The buyers can also avail the facility of live streaming of the property through our website. Satellite views and aerial views of the properties are also provided on request. We also provide community pages which provide the details of the neighborhood.
38) World Classic Real Estates (worldclassicsrealestates.com)
We provide the finest real estate solutions for the buyers around the globe. Apart from the photographs and the videos posted on the website we also provide live streaming of the property on demand of the buyers. We assist in all the legal procedures and if needed assist in the projects to be done on the property. We charge a very minimal price and work with utmost care and sincerity for the customer satisfaction
39) Global Real Estate Solutions (globalrealestatesolutions.com)
The ultimate name of real estate solution is here. We provide a wide variety of real estate properties around the world. The buyers have to take a look through the photographs given on the website. Once the property is selected our assistance team will contact the owner on behalf of the buyer and do the rest of the procedures.
40) Homely Real Estate Solutions (homelyrealestatesolutions.com)
Come and select through the wide range of properties around the globe through our website. Our 24*7 assistance team will contact you for the assistance needed. All the legal procedures and the talking will be done by our personal assistance managers on your behalf at a very minimal cost and efficiency.
41) Acres Real Estate Solutions (acresrealestatesolutions.com)
The website provides the best suitable property for the buyer. The buyers just have to take a look through the photographs posted on the website and our assistance managers will contact you within minutes and assist to get your dream project done. We also provide live streaming of the property apart from satellite views and we also provide a unique idea of live chat between the buyers and the property owners.

42) New York Lakes (newyorklakes.com)
The blue lake and blue theme itself grabs visitors to further navigation through the website. Blue color is reflected even in the name and logo of the website. Large size pictures of the property to be sold and contact details of the agents are provided at the home page make it convenient for the customers to take a quick enquiry.
43) Upstate Properties (upsateproperties.com)
The website focuses on the properties in the countryside and thus the home page picture clearly states that. The layout is spaced and designed so as to avoid any interruption for further navigation through the remaining pages. Enlarged pictures of lakes and farmhouses leads the visitor to enquire for the price of the property.
44) Cool land properties ( thecoolland-realestate.com)
The logo and home page images gives an idea that the website is made to sell the countryside properties. Further scrolling gives a brief description of the website and the deals available now. Enlarged images of the countryside and the beauty of the lakes and farmhouses leads the buyers for an enquiry.
45) The City Properties ( thecityproperties.com)
The logo and domain name explains the properties they deal with. The single page website occupies half of the space for search option. The visitors can check the availability of their desired homes there, just giving the specifications they needed for the new homes. Also the quick quote form in the website will calculate approximate rates of your custom needs.
46) Mores Properties (Moresproperties.com)
The website depicts an array of information about their new properties. The buyers can choose the properties with the help of photos and videos posted. From the videos to the logo theme everything shows perfection and grabs attention. There is a 360 view video of featured properties to depict a clear picture of the properties.
47) Lean Real Estate (leanrealestate.com)
Home page is designed to attract luxury lovers. From the home page to the contact details is a navigation in a few minutes and no one ends at half way. Perfection in website designing is all time high with the images for luxury villas and the deal prices under it.
48) Harry Real Estate (harryrealestate)
The website is a navigation that starts from searching for the perfect home and ends in choosing the best homes in the city. The website asks for the buyers needs and deliver the best homes that fix their needs. Supporting pictures and videos of the homes gives the buyers a real-life experience.
49) Hillary Properties (hillaryproperties.com)
Property map and virtual visit to the homes makes the website stand out. Innovation of technologies is employed at all-time best and attracts buyers planning an immediate purchase. Opportunity to choses their agents is another factor that attracts buyers. There is a google map street view provision to get a clear picture of the property.
50) Albert Real Estate (Albertrealestate.com)
A typical website of real estate dealers but is unique in its style and design. It can attract both buyers and investors alike with its detailed introduction. Half of the home page is dedicated to buyers while the other half is made for the attraction of the investors. Inner pages comprises of search, contact us and other property filters.

51) Sambros Real Estate (sambrosrealestate.com)
The back-ground images of the website stand out for its beauty and explains how unique and aesthetic their properties are. Moreover, the images of houses and its interior images can satisfy any buyers. Deal prices and offers on festive seasons below every image is another factor that grabs buyers to it.

52) Lima Real Estate (Limarealestate.com)
The website is made to establish communication between the dealers and buyers. Social media sites linked to the websites make way for buyers to interact with the agents and other satisfied customers. Background of the website is enough to convey the buyers that they have landed the right domain for what they have been searching for.

53) Merry Homes( Merryhomes.com)
The website welcomes with the contact details of the buyers and sends personalized homes’ images and videos to their e-mail. A plethora of images of homes and apartments are available in the website when scrolls down. Moreover, festival deals are shown in the website to attract buyers. Separate space for both luxury homes and budget homes makes the website stands out.

54) Well Real Estate ( wellrealestate.com)
A real-estate website for charity is the unique idea that makes it stand out of its competitors. Designed so as to compare the luxurious homes they offer in cities and the charities they do for the homeless in developing countries. A sense of empathy can be felt when scrolls down through the website and is the marketing tactics employed here.
55) Rail Real Estate (railrealestate.com)
The website offers an array of apartment and homes within the New York City. The introduction conveys the buyers that owning a property in the New York City is a cake walk and made possible through them. Images of apartments and office building is enables the buyers to choose their dream home and building in less time.
56) Dream Homes (dreamhomes.com)
The theme of country side and its benefits in the home page is more than enough for someone to fall for the homes available in the website. Homes on deals let the buyers grab their dream homes at once. Details of financial help provided on the website is another factor that leads more buyers to it.
57) Fine Estate (Fineestate.com)
Testimonials and contact details of satisfied buyers in the home page that makes the website unique and authentic. Contact number of agents at the top of the home page enables both buyers and investors to contact directly. The quote request form and FAQ module helps the customer to get a clear idea of the process of purchase.
58) Imperial Real Estate (imperialrealestate.com)
Domain name itself is enough to explain the content of the website. The website claim to have the best homes available in Florida. Images and videos of the homes are enough to prove it. The aesthetic images along with the best deals are the factors that grabs the attention of visitors. It is proven that no real buyer can move out without dialing the phone number of the agents.
59) Live Florida (liveflorida.com)
Wake every morning seeing the rising sun is what it states in the website. The images of the oceanfront condos and single family homes are there to support their statement. The website is a reflection of the Singer Island and the plethora of water games available there for the residents. The website is designed to attract luxury lovers.

60) Mainland Real Estate (mainlandrealestate.com)
An array of ocean front homes and deal prices under each image is a factor that drives buyers into it. Videos depict the beauty of Atlantic Ocean and aesthetic homes emerged on the island is other factor that attract luxury lovers to the website. Elegance of luxury life is felt deeply into the heart, once scrolled up to down of the website